How old is John Scofield?

70 years (December 26, 1951)John Scofield / Age

Did Miles Davis play John Scofield?

Guitarist John Scofield reminisces about his time playing with Miles Davis (Full Video Interview)

Where is John Scofield from?

Dayton, OHJohn Scofield / Place of birth

What bands did John Scofield play in?

Phil Lesh and Friends2006 – 2006
Trio Beyond
John Scofield/Music groups

Where does the name Scofield come from?

The surname Scofield was first found in Lancashire at Schofield, in East Rochdale in the township of Butterworth. The first record of the family was John de Schfeld who held lands here during the reign of Edward I.

How is Pat Martino?

Pat Martino, a jazz guitarist revered for the fluid precision and blistering speed of his playing — both before and after he was forced to relearn the instrument following a mid-career brain aneurysm — died on Monday. He was 77 years old. His death was announced on Facebook by his longtime manager, Joseph Donofrio.

Did Miles Davis play the guitar?

Though not a guitarist, studying Miles Davis’ lines can take your jazz guitar soloing chops and creativity to the next level. Miles began playing the trumpet when he was 13 and had his first professional gig when he was 17.

What was Michael Scofield diagnosed with?

low latent inhibition
Michael has been clinically diagnosed with low latent inhibition, a condition in which his brain is more open to incoming stimuli in the surrounding environment. As a result of this condition, he is unable to block out periphery information and instead processes every aspect and detail of any given stimulus.

What’s Michael Scofield real name?

Wentworth MillerMichael Scofield / Played by

Is Scofield Scottish?

The Scofield family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Scofield families were found in USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 237 Scofield families living in New York.

Is Schofield German?

English (mainly northern): habitational name from any of various minor places, in Lancashire and elsewhere, named from Middle English sc(h)ole ‘hut’ (see Scales) + feld ‘pasture’, ‘open country’.

Is Pat Martino still alive?

November 1, 2021Pat Martino / Date of death