How old is Anita Whitehouse?

About 90 years (1932)Anita Whitehouse / Age

Is Anita Oday alive?

November 23, 2006Anita O’Day / Date of death

Who is Anita to Nick Cave?

From 1977, Lane and Nick Cave had a personal and professional relationship; they separated as a couple in 1983 but intermittently worked together professionally into the 1990s. In 1984, Lane formed a personal relationship with Australian journalist and writer Nicolas Rothwell.

Did Anita Oday have children?

She was 87. Her death was announced by her manager, Robbie Cavolina, who said that she had been recovering from pneumonia. Ms. O’Day had no children or immediate family, he said.

Who is Bob Mortimers wife?

Lisa MatthewsBob Mortimer / Wife (m. 2015)

How many wives Paul Whitehouse have?

Personal life. Whitehouse and his wife Fiona were married for eight years and had two daughters, Molly and Sophie, before they divorced in the early 2000s. He met his partner Mine Conkbayir, aged 23, when she was working in a shop while she studied. The couple have one daughter, Delilah.

Where is Anita Oday buried?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CAAnita O’Day / Place of burial

Who was Anita Oday married to?

Carl Hoffm. 1943–1952
Don Carterm. 1937–1939
Anita O’Day/Spouse

Where is Nick Cave from?

Warracknabeal, AustraliaNick Cave / Place of birth

How old was Anita Lane when she died?

61 years (1960–2021)Anita Lane / Age at death

She was 61. Her label, Mute Records, announced her death in a posting on its website on April 29 but did not say when she died or give the cause. She lived in Melbourne.

What happened to Bob Mortimer’s father?

His father’s early death shaped his whole life When Bob was just seven years old his father was killed in a car crash.

Are Vic and Bob still friends?

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer have admitted they get a bit sick of people quizzing them about whether or not they’ve ever fallen out. The TV duo, who hail from the North East, have been the best of friends since the 1980s.