How old are Caron Keatings children?

He has two sons, Charlie, 13, and Gabriel, 11, with his late wife.

Does Gloria Hunniford have grandchildren?

Gabriel Don Lindsayvia Caron Keating
Charles Jackson Lindsayvia Caron Keating
Gloria Hunniford/Grandchildren

What happened to Gloria Hunniford’s daughter?

The Masked Singer star Gloria Hunniford has reflected on the “deeper loss” she felt when her daughter Caron Keating died. This year will also bring sadness, as Gloria’s daughter – who died from breast cancer aged 41 in 2004 – would have turned 60 in October.

Is Russ Lindsay still married?

Meen became engaged to Caron Keating’s widower Russ Lindsay on Christmas Day 2005. The couple married in September 2006. They have two daughters Tilly Jennifer Lindsay (born 14 March 2008) and Fiona Lottie Lindsay (born 8 July 2010). Lindsay has two sons, Charlie and Gabriel, from his marriage to Keating.

Who was Caron Keating married to?

Russ LindsayCaron Keating / Spouse (m. 1991–2004)

How many kids did Karen Keating have?


Caron Keating
Spouse(s) Russ Lindsay ​ ( m. 1991)​
Children 2
Parent(s) Gloria Hunniford Don Keating

Did Caron Keating have kids?

Gabriel Don Lindsay
Charles Jackson Lindsay
Caron Keating/Children

What happened to Caron Keating?

Gloria Hunniford’s daughter, TV presenter Caron Keating, died from breast cancer. Below, Gloria talks about how she coped. “Caron’s positivity was astounding. She always believed she would beat the cancer, even when we were told that she’d be lucky to survive more than 18 months.

How long has Caron Keating been dead?

January 04, 2022 – 14:45 GMT Nicky Morris. Gloria Hunniford has opened up about the death of her daughter, Caron Keating, who died at the age of 41 from breast cancer in 2004, saying it was a “privilege” to be with her “at her birth” and at her “death”.

Has Caron Keating husband remarried?

Showbusiness manager Russ Lindsay wed former GMTV weathergirl Sally Meen – just two years after his wife Caron Keating died from cancer at the age of 41. However Hunniford has decided to stay away amid concerns that it would prove too painful.

Who did Sally Meen marry?

Russ LindsaySally Meen / Spouse (m. 2006)

Who is Karen Keatings husband married to?

Russ LindsayCaron Keating / Husband (m. 1991–2004)