How much mpg does a 2015 Jeep Wrangler get?

2015 Jeep Wrangler

Vehicle EPA Fuel Economy
18 MPG 17 21 combined city/hwy city hwy 5.6 gal/100 mi
2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 3.6 L, 6 cyl, Manual 6-spd, Regular Gasoline
18 MPG 16 21 combined city/hwy city hwy 5.6 gal/100 mi
2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 3.6 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 5-spd, Regular Gasoline

Does Jeep Wrangler burn a lot of gas?

Unfortunately, the Wrangler’s iconic angular build that makes it distinct and adds to its rugged appeal is a huge drawback. Its brick-like build reduces airflow around its body, making it more predisposed to wind resistance, resulting in the vehicle burning more fuel.

Are Jeep Wranglers good on gas mileage?

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the best cars for the avid off-roading enthusiast. But even if you’re worried about fuel economy, the Wrangler has decent numbers, posting fuel economy as good as 24 mpg on the highway, 22 mpg in the city, and 23 mpg combined.

How many miles does a 2015 Jeep Wrangler last?

The Jeep Wrangler boasts extreme longevity However, Jeep vehicles generally breeze through year five and continue to perform well for up to 15 years and beyond. A Wrangler can typically reach 280,000 miles before significant problems begin to surface. But well-maintained models exceed 20 years and over 400,000 miles.

How big is the gas tank on a Jeep Wrangler?

21.5 gal
Fuel & MPG 365.5/494.5 mi. 21.5 gal.

Is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler a JK?

The 2015 Wrangler is part of a generation that launched for 2007 and includes the 2018 model year. For 2018, Jeep sold two versions of the Wrangler: the redesigned JL model and the JK model that was unchanged from the previous model year.

Which Jeep Wrangler is best on gas?

The most fuel-efficient Jeep Wrangler for the 2021 model year is the Wrangler 4xe. This is a hybrid version of the Wrangler that uses a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine in combination with electric motors. It can also run in a fully electric mode where it does not have to use the gasoline engine at all for up to 21 miles.

Are jeeps expensive to maintain?

Despite its rough-and-tumble image, Jeeps are known as a relatively reliable brand, and the average Jeep will cost you about $634 per year to maintain, slightly more than average for a major brand.

Are jeeps good on snow?

Jeeps are built to withstand and handle extreme weather conditions. With special winter tires, extra ground clearance, and all-wheel-drives or four-wheel-drives, Jeeps can get you safely across muddy ruts, snowdrifts, and slippery road surfaces.