How much is a Vitaminwater cost?

Common Vitamin Water Prices List

Type Size Avg Price
Vitamin Water xxx 16.9 fl oz, 6 Pack $4.00
16.9 fl oz, 24 Pack $27.00
Vitamin Water Flavors 20 fl oz, 12 pack $26.60
Vitamin Water Zero Flavors 20 fl oz, 12 pack $21.00

How much did 50 Cent sell Vitaminwater for?

$4.1 billion
In 2007, the Coca-Cola Company acquired Vitamin Water from Glacéau for $4.1 billion. According to The Washington Post at the time, “50 Cent was thought to have walked away with a figure somewhere between $60 million and $100 million, putting his net worth at nearly a half billion dollars.”

How much is an ounce of Vitaminwater?

One 20-ounce (591-ml) bottle of Vitaminwater contains about 120 calories and 32 grams of sugar — about 50% less than a regular Coke. However, the type of sugar used varies between countries.

Are Vitaminwater drinks good for you?

Vitaminwater contains 50 to 120 percent of a person’s daily value of vitamin B, and 50 to 150 percent of a person’s recommended daily value of vitamin C. These aren’t harmful amounts, mind you, as those vitamins are water-soluble and any excess vitamins are usually washed out of the body with a person’s urine.

Who is the owner of Vitaminwater?

Rohan Oza. Andreea Radutoiu Rohan Oza is arguably one of the most successful marketing men in the US. He’s made millions from his success in turning food and beverage products into brands that everyone from across the globe will recognise — Vitamin Water, Pop Chips, and Vita Coco.

What flavor is dragon fruit Vitaminwater?

vitamin water is available in nine varieties: power-c (dragon fruit), essential (orange-orange), squeezed (lemonade), energy (tropical citrus), focus (kiwi-strawberry), xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), revive (fruit punch), formula 50 (grape) and defense (raspberry-apple).

Does 50 Cent get royalties from Vitaminwater?

50 got involved with Vitamin water in the peak of his music career in 2004, but the pay off didn’t come until three years later when The Coca-Cola company purchased Glaceau for $4.1 billion. 50 walked away with a satisfying $100 million for the deal.

Is Vitaminwater lawsuit?

Coca-Cola has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging the soft drink manufacturer falsely advertising its Vitaminwater product as “vitamins + water = all you need” when it actually contains about eight teaspoons of sugar.

Did 50 Cent make Vitaminwater?

In the early 2000s, 50 Cent partnered up with Glacéau to launch his own Vitaminwater brand. He acquired a minority stake in the company and the world became acquainted with Formula 50, a grape flavored version of the drink.

Is Vitaminwater better than Gatorade?

So in a sense, Gatorade is more geared toward athletes, hydration, and sports nutrition, while Vitamin Water is more of an energy booster (one flavor even provides caffeine) and vitamin supplement. Both drinks offer lower-calorie options, but only Vitamin Water has a calorie-free drink.

How much did 50 Cent make from power?

How Much Did 50 Cent Make From Power? An overall deal with the network worth $150 million was reported to have been signed in 2018 by the rapper.