How much is a Porsche Cayman 2007 worth?

The value of a used 2007 Porsche Cayman ranges from $10,161 to $22,216, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

How much is a Porsche Cayman Worth?

2019 Porsche 718 Cayman Value – $43,624-$71,356 | Edmunds.

How reliable is a 2007 Porsche Cayman?

The average rating is a 4.9 out of 5 stars. The 2007 Porsche Cayman Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5. It ranks 32nd out of 32 for all car brands.

Are Porsche Caymans a good investment?

Porsche Cayman GT4 The GT4 may well be a good investment, just as long as you could actually buy one in the first place. Nevertheless, the fact that it’s highly likely you can’t means that the financial prospects for this baby GT department car look rosy indeed.

Are Porsche Cayman S expensive to maintain?

Overall – the Porsche Cayman has yearly car maintenance costs total to $1,135 .

How fast is a 2007 Porsche Cayman?

160 mph
With a smaller, 2.7-liter flat-6 (as opposed to the S model’s 3.4-liter engine), the Cayman makes a still-respectable 245 horsepower and 201 pound-feet of torque, which Porsche says is enough punch to hit 60 mph in just under 6 seconds. A top speed of 160 mph isn’t too shabby, either.

Are Porsche Caymans expensive to maintain?

How long will a Porsche Cayman last?

Porsche cars are known for their longevity and long-term reliability and are built to perform well even after many years of use. With proper maintenance and care, most Porsche vehicles can cross the 150,000-mile mark.

Is it expensive to maintain a Porsche Cayman?

What year Cayman is best?

The 2009-2012 model years for the Cayman are definitely the best overall option as you’re getting a reliable daily that’s very fun to drive. The 2006-2009 model years of the Cayman come in second because major issues can occur, however rare. This is also a very fun car to own, and it can even suit a small family.

Are used Porsche Cayman reliable?

Overall Reliability Ratings: Is The Porsche Cayman Reliable? Overall the Porsche Cayman reliability is 58.1 and that makes it very reliable. The chart below illustrates exactly how this ranks compared to some other cars, but the average overall rating is 57 as some comparison.