How much is a Generac 8000?

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Generac DEWALT
8,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator 8000-Watt Electric Start Gas-Powered Portable Generator with Idle Control, GFCI Outlets and CO Protect
$99900 $129900
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What will a Generac 8000 run?

The Generac GP8000E with Electric Start rated for 8000-watts continuous power and 10-kilowatt surge capacity. Equivalent to four typical 15-amp convenience circuits in a modern home plus additional power to start air conditioners or pumps.

How long will a Generac 8000 watt generator run?

a 11 hour
Generac’s durable OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life. Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and up to a 11 hour run-time at 50% load.

How many amps is a Generac 8000 watt generator?

This is a good value for a 30 amp generator. Generac has the best warranty, this unit is easy to use.

How big of a generator do u need to power a house?

How Big of a Generator Do I Need to Run a House? With a generator rated at 5,000 to 7,500 watts, you can run even the most critical household equipment, including things such as refrigerator, freezer, well pump, and lighting circuits. A 7500-running watt generator can run all these appliances at once.

What is the difference between GP and XP Generac generators?

The GP series does certainly offer some great benefits at less than half the price of XP series. Features include the same great network of service centers, never-flat tires, low oil shutoff, covered circuits, fuel gauge, electric start and a low tone muffler for quieter operation.

Is 8000 watt generator big enough?

If so, you might want to consider an 8000-watt generator. An 8,000-watt generator will take care of pretty much all of your home electrical needs, such as your refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, television, lights, and even your range.

What kind of oil does a Generac 8000 use?

Synthetic 5W-30
Synthetic 5W-30 can be used in all temperatures. Oil should be changed after the first 20-30 hours of operation and every 100 hours of run time thereafter.