How much is a 70s Monte Carlo worth?

What to Pay

Body Low Average
1970/350/auto $8,900 $16,900
1970/402/four-speed $9,500 $17,500
1970SS 454 $9,400 $21,300
1971/350/auto $7,800 $15,900

How much is a Monte Carlo worth?

Make Avg Price Last 90 Days
CarGurus Index $30,739 +0.24%
Chevrolet Monte Carlo $12,567 +15.22%
1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $22,821 +9.99%
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $9,571 +14.79%

How much did a Monte Carlo cost in 1974?

The base Monte Carlo “S” had a price of $3885.

How much is an old Monte Carlo?

The older the car, the more expensive it is. This is true for most brands and models. If you are looking to buy a first-generation Monte Carlo, you are looking at anywhere from $27,000 and upwards. Newer editions of the Monte Carlo cars from Chevrolet sell for less than half of that price.

How long is a 1972 Monte Carlo?

206.5 in
First generation (1970–1972)

First generation
Wheelbase 116 in (2,946 mm)
Length 206.5 in (5,245 mm)
Width 76 in (1,930 mm)
Height 52.9 in (1,344 mm)

How much was a 1970 Monte Carlo brand new?

The Monte Carlo wasn’t aimed at muscle car buyers, it implied exclusivity. That wasn’t what the average street-racer or poseur was looking for: They wanted cheap speed. At $3,543, the 1970 Monte Carlo SS cost about $500 more than the Chevelle SS 396; and worse, it was heavier (but only by a couple hundred pounds).

Is a 1970 Monte Carlo a muscle car?

A big V-8. Well-executed coke-bottle styling. Some NASCAR history.

Is the Monte Carlo a good car?

The car has good acceleration for passing and is fun to drive. The auto industry criticizes the Monte Carlo for being subpar, but it is actually a great vehicle. It has guts, and enough performance …

What year did the Monte Carlo come out?

Deriving its name from the city in Monaco, the Monte Carlo was marketed as the first personal luxury car of the Chevrolet brand. Introduced for the 1970 model year, the model line was produced across six generations through the 2007 model year, with a hiatus from 1989–1994.

How much does a 74 Monte Carlo weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1973 – 1977
Price : $3,885-$4,127
Weight : 3926 lbs | 1780.804 kg

Is Monte Carlo a classic car?

Chevrolet Monte Carlo – A Look Back At The Classic Chevy Monte Carlo Coupe. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo has always been a luxury Chevrolet coupe – but during its lifetime from 1970 to 2007 (with a break from 1989 to 1994), the Monte Carlo came in a variety of sizes, with a wide range of powertrain options.

How much is a 1980 Monte Carlo worth?

The price varies, depending on condition, miles on the motor, and any mods or accessories added to the car, etc. I have seen prices as low as $1,200 and as high was $13,500.