How much horsepower does a Ski Doo Summit 800 have?

2008 Ski-Doo Summit X 154 800R Power T.E.K. Specifications

Engine Type Horizontal In-line
Cylinders 2
Engine Stroke 2-Stroke
Horsepower (bhp/kW) 151 / 112.7

What is a summit snowmobile?

Summit snowmobiles are powered by one of two Rotax 2-stroke engines – including the most powerful factory-built 2-stroke turbo, the 850 E-TEC Turbo R at 180 hp. Each offers instant response and seamless power.

What is the Skidoo Summit edge?

When the ride calls to push a little harder, explore a little deeper, the 2022 Summit Edge is the answer. Whether its hillclimbs, treelines or open powder bowls, the Edge adds more epic to every ride with its agile, effortless handling and awesome Rotax power.

How much does a Skidoo Summit weigh?

We compared this weight to the 2016 Ski-Doo Summit 154 and 174 models. The Summit 154, which holds 10.6 gallons of fuel, weighed out full of fuel at 546 lbs. It had a 455-lb. listed dry weight….2017 Summit 850 weighs the lightest of the bunch.

Snowmobile Wet Weight Dry Weight
2016 Summit 800 174 553 467

Who makes summit snowmobiles?

2022 Ski-Doo Summit snowmobiles are built to make every ride in the deep snow more incredible than the last. Whether climbing steep chutes, carving up bowls of powder, or snaking through tree lines, the Summit responds instantly and rides effortlessly.

What is the difference between Summit and freeride?

Basically, the Freeride is a Summit X with a much better shock package. The only thing the Freeride has that the Freeride Turbo doesn’t is the option of a 146-inch track. Both come with 154-inch and 165-inch track options in 2.5- or 3-inch lugs.

What is Ski-Doo shot start?

Give it a shot Push the button. With the ultra-capacitor charged, your SHOT-equipped Ski-Doo will function as if it has push-button electric start. That means less energy wasted on pull starting, and more energy for riding.

What is the Ski-Doo expert package?

The Summit X w/ Expert Package features an adjustable limiter strap that, when set to the short position, helps keep the skis planted to make the sled even more stable and predictable. The Summit Expert can be ordered (Spring Order only) with the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine package for 180 arm-stretching horsepower.

How wide is a Skidoo Summit?

Vehicle overall width 1,080 to 1,110 mm / 42.5 to 43.7 in. Vehicle overall height 1,359 mm / 53.5 in.