How much does zipForm plus cost?

zipForm Record-Connect fully integrates with zipForm Plus. To get it, zipForm users have to pay $10 per year.

Is zipForm free?

That said, it’s free! If you are looking for a single tool that can manage your documents, e-signature, and basic transaction checklists, zipForms should work just fine.

How do I fill in a zipForm form?

How to Send a Form to be filled out online in Transactions(Zipform Edition)

  1. Login to your Zipforms account.
  2. Navigate to the transaction that the documents are a part of.
  3. Click the parties tab.
  4. Choose the arrow next to the party you would like to share them with and click share documents.

How do I download zipForm standard?

Download a Signed Document (zipForm Standard)

  1. Open the transaction you wish to download the documents from. Click on the eSign button and select Check Status.
  2. A list of submission dates will appear.
  3. In the Documents section, click on the Download button next to the document you wish to download.

What is zipForm plus?

zipForm Plus provides a platform for real estate professionals to manage and track transactions within a single user interface. zipForm Plus Details. zipForm Plus. zipForm Plus Community. zipForm Plus provides a platform for real estate professionals to manage and track transactions within a single user interface.

How much is zipLogix digital ink?

$5 for
Ziplogix Digital Ink® Security Ziplogix charges $5 for each use of the feature. The company also makes it possible for a business to choose an alternative method of validating a user’s identity.

How do I renew my zipForm software?

Sign in to your zipForm® Plus account, and view the renewal notice, then click “Renew Now.”

What is zipForm plus for?

How do you use a zipForm?

Use MLS-Connect (zipForm Edition)

  1. Click on the New button.
  2. After clicking New, the Transaction Information screen will appear.
  3. To Import your MLS Listing, first select the MLS that you belong to.
  4. Please Note: Not all MLS will require a username or password.
  5. Select a Listing Type and input your MLS Listing Number.

How do I share a zipForm template?

How to Copy Templates in zipForm® After Changing Brokerages

  1. From your Templates tab in zipForm® Plus, hover over the template you wish to update. You will see an arrow in the top-right corner.
  2. Click this arrow, and select “Copy” under Menu Options.
  3. Update the template name.

What is zipForm Standard Edition?

zipForm® Standard can help you speed up the process by sharing data between all documents related to the same transaction – simply fill out one form and the information is auto-populated into all of the remaining forms required to complete your transaction.

What happened to zipForms?

NAR is ending zipForms as a benefit to members starting January 1, 2022. After 6 years and $ 62 million National Association of Realtors Starting in 2022, we will no longer offer online transaction management software as a free member benefit to approximately 1.5 million members.