How much does the READ 180 program cost?

A READ 180® Universal upgrade kit for 30 students costs $11,000 and includes teacher materials, two HMH Teacher Central licenses, 30 ReaL Books, six boxes of Indepen- dent Reading Library books, access to the new online student application, and 30 HMH Student Central licenses.

Is READ 180 a curriculum?

READ 180 is a scientifically based, intensive reading intervention program for students in upper elementary through high school that has been proven to significantly raise the reading scores of older, struggling readers.

Is system 44 the same as READ 180?

The Leading Blended Learning Solution for Struggling Readers in Grades 4–12+ Based on the proven effective FASTT model, like System 44, READ 180 provides a personalized learning experience for students in Grades 4–12+ reading two or more years below grade level.

How do students access READ 180?

The Student Access screen displays icons for all products installed on the SAM server. Click the READ 180 Enterprise Edition icon to open the access screen for the READ 180 Enterprise Edition Suite.

Is READ 180 effective for dyslexia?

Sally Shaywitz came out with the breakthrough book Overcoming Dyslexia, where she states that the most successful programs for students with dyslexia emphasize the same core elements: practice manipulating phonemes, building vocabulary, increasing comprehension and improving the fluency of reading, and cites READ 180 …

How many levels are there in READ 180?

Student Software Placement & Levels There are 5 levels in Stage A and 6 levels in Stages B and C. The software flow and content changes based on the level. The Mindset Scan does NOT impact placement in the Student Software. Once all 25 segments have been completed, students may revisit segments at a higher level.

What is the purpose of READ 180?

The READ 180 program targets and addresses specific reading needs. Assessment at regular intervals on target skills help students and teachers track and analyze performance, and allow adjustments to instruction as required. The goal of READ 180 is to help students develop reading skills at grade level.

Is read 180 effective for dyslexia?

Does Read 180 have an app?

iPad access to the READ 180 Universal Student App and HMH Student and Teacher is available to all students and teachers with an active login.

Does READ 180 have an app?

What are the benefits of READ 180?

READ 180 is designed to provide personalized, purposeful instruction to accelerate reading success. It provides individualized digital experiences that engage students and ensure the mastery of critical reading skills.

Does READ 180 work on the iPad?

AUDIENCE: The READ 180 Universal Student Application for iPad is available to all current READ 180 Universal customers.