How much does Laura Forese make?

$3,750,857: Laura Forese, EVP, COO. $3,271,712: Maxine Frank, EVP, CLO, and General Counsel.

Who is the CEO of NY Presbyterian Hospital?

Steven J. Corwin (Jun 28, 2011–)NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / CEO

How much does Steve Corwin make?

Dr. Steven Corwin, New York–Presbyterian’s chief executive, earned nearly $10.7 million in 2020, making him the highest-paid hospital executive in the metropolitan area during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Crain’s analysis found.

How much does the CEO of NYP make?

$12,414,295: Steven J Corwin, President and CEO, Trustee. $ 5,286,445: Laura Forese, EVP and COO. $ 2,646,998: Maxine Frank, EVP, CLO, and General Counsel (thru 3/2019) $ 2,180,177: Dov N Schwartzben, SVP, Finance.

How much does NY Presbyterian pay?

New York Presbyterian Hospital Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Physician Assistant (PA) Range:$82k – $141k Average:$106,278
Registered Nurse (RN) Range:$60k – $125k Average:$89,337
Financial Analyst Range:$53k – $87k Average:$68,072
Administrative Assistant Range:$39k – $68k (Estimated *) Average:$51,327

Is UVA hospital non profit?

In the case of the UVA Medical Center, a state-owned nonprofit, these stakeholders include patients, physicians, nurses, the University community, state government, insurers and regulators.

Who is the highest-paid hospital CEO?

In 2018, Bernard Tyson, then-CEO of nonprofit health care giant Kaiser Permanente, made nearly $18 million, making him the highest-paid nonprofit CEO in the nation.

Is New York Presbyterian Hospital Nonprofit?

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital – based in New York City – is the nation’s largest not-for-profit, non-sectarian hospital, with 2,455 beds.

Is NYP a 501c3?

NEW YORK AND PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL, fiscal year ending Dec. 2019

Organization zip code Tax code designation Ruling date of organization’s tax exempt status
10065-4870 501(c)(3) 1997-12-01

How much do nurses make at NYU Langone?

approximately $104,782
Average NYU Langone Health Registered Nurse yearly pay in the United States is approximately $104,782, which is 61% above the national average.

How much does a patient care director make at NYP?

The typical NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Patient Care Director salary is $160,302 per year. Patient Care Director salaries at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital can range from $147,705 – $167,000 per year.