How much does JW scheduler cost?

$10 USD per year
JW Scheduler costs $10 USD per year for an individual license. Support is provided during the 60-day free trial. If you decide to stop registering JW Scheduler, you can still continue to use the free version and access your data forever.

Is JW scheduler free?

NW Publisher is an Apple iOS and Google Android App that can be installed for free on all publishers phones and tablets. It can also be installed on Amazon Fire Tablets.

Who owns JW scheduler?

JW Scheduler was created and is maintained by a small team of brothers and sisters based in Australia. Our team are all currently in full-time service, and all brothers are elders. Between us we have spent over 30 years in the full-time service, including more than 10 years in special full-time service.

How does JW scheduler work?

JW SCHEDULER Features Supports Auto-Assign, recommended student and detailed Part History. Congregation Secretaries can use JW Scheduler to enter Field Service Reports, maintain Congregation Publisher Records, compile the Monthly Congregation Field Service Report, print S-21 Publisher Record Cards and more.

Is JW scheduler safe?

Is JW Scheduler safe and secure? Yes. JW Scheduler takes data privacy and security very seriously. We feel that your member and congregation data is yours, and should be fully secure at all times.

How do I update my JW scheduler?

Updating Meeting Data JW Scheduler automatically updates the Christian Life and Ministry Meeting schedule when it is available. If updated Meeting Data is available, it will be automatically downloaded when you first open JW Scheduler. Sometimes you might need to close and re-open JW Scheduler to see the updated data.

How do you set up a JW scheduler?

Setup JW Scheduler

  1. Download JW Scheduler.
  2. Install JW Scheduler on your computer. Note: If you have an Apple Mac, see How to Install JW Scheduler on Apple Mac.
  3. Open JW Scheduler.
  4. Select your program language.
  5. Enter your First Name and Email.
  6. Confirm what you entered is correct.
  7. Click Start.

Is JW scheduler cloud based?

No, JW Scheduler is not web-based. This ensures your data is always kept safe and secure on your local computer.

What is the Hour Glass app?

It allows JW congregation secretaries to maintain electronic Publisher Cards, Field Service reports and other congregation secretary responsibilities. Hourglass is also known as The Hourglass App or simply hourglass app. It contains a mobile application for iOS and Android.

What is a publisher JW?

Jehovah’s Witnesses consider all baptized Witnesses to be ministers. Participants in organized preaching activity are referred to as publishers. Only individuals who are approved and active as publishers are officially counted as members.

How do I download deckhand?

Download Deckhand Pro from the App Store and purchase the GARFO eVTR option in-app. Deckhand Pro is configured for the Apple Wi-Fi+Cellular iPad (though no cellular plan is needed).

How secure is JW scheduler?

JW Scheduler uses end-to-end encryption, which means your data is fully secured before it is transferred to other appointed brothers and cannot be opened by anyone outside your congregation. JW Scheduler uses 256-bit Encryption Keys uniquely generated by your local computer using your congregation Sharing Password.

What is the JW public talk scheduler?

The JW Scheduler Public Talk scheduler is an excellent tool to help the Public Talk Coordinator and COBE schedule both Incoming and Outgoing Public Talks, including other Weekend Assignments like Chairman and Watchtower Reader.

What is a public talk scheduler?

JW Scheduler contains Public Talk scheduler software. The congregation Public Talk Coordinator can quickly and easily schedule both incoming and outgoing public speakers, as well as other parts of the weekend meeting, such as Chairman, Watchtower Reader and Public Speaker Hospitality.

Why should I use JW scheduler?

This saves them time and helps them organize the congregations in their circuit. JW Scheduler is now available in 71 languages and is one of the most widely translated programs in the world! New languages are regularly added, and you can Request a New Language for JW Scheduler.

How many languages is JW scheduler available in?

JW Scheduler is now available in 71 languages and is one of the most widely translated programs in the world! New languages are regularly added, and you can Request a New Language for JW Scheduler. JW Scheduler includes very powerful Email Special Features .