How much does it cost to ride the Indian Pacific train?

The Indian Pacific – Fares 2020 / 2021

THE INDIAN PACIFIC AUD $ Per person One Way HIGH SEASON 01 September 2020 to 27 October 2020 (eastbound) 02 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 (westbound)
Sydney – Perth or vv $2,899.00
Sydney – Adelaide or vv $2,129.00
Adelaide – Perth or vv $4,089.00

Are train tickets expensive in Italy?

Trains in Italy are cheap compared with other countries in Europe. Therefore, a Eurail or Interrail Pass might be worth only if you plan to visit several cities and are going to travel on many more expensive high-speed trains.

How much are train reservations in Italy?

Reservations are required, and cost about $12 per leg if you have a rail pass. EuroCity, InterCity, and international trains: Reservations are required, and cost about $10 if you have a rail pass.

How much does Indian railway cost?

The total expenditure of Indian Railways at the end of the fiscal year 2022 was around two trillion Indian rupees. This was estimated to increase to over 2.3 trillion rupees in the following year. The system is operated by the Ministry of Railways and is the fourth largest railway network across the globe.

Is there a seniors discount on the Indian Pacific?

There is a form on the DVA web site which must be filled in to make a claim. See HERE. PCC and CSHC holders are eligible for a discount of up to 55% on The Ghan, The Indian Pacific, The Overland. TPI’s and EDA Veterans and their carers are eligible for free travel in a Sleeper over the C’wealth owned track.

How much are tickets on the Indian Pacific?


Fare Jun – July Jan – May, Aug, Nov & Dec
Everyday $1,715 $2,075
Flexible $1,895 $2,295
Advance Purchase $725 $895
Everyday $805 $995

Which train is best in Italy?

For a long time, Trenitalia has been the only railway company in Italy and to this day it has the widest network and routes. Italo began operating in 2012, and offers high-speed service between major Italian cities.

Do I need to reserve trains in Italy?

Various trains in Italy require a reservation. Eurail Pass Holders have to pay an additional fee for these reservations.

How much does a EMU train cost?

Each EMU train set is expected to cost INR2bn ($37.6m).

How much luggage can you take on the Indian Pacific?

While on board The Ghan, Indian Pacific or Great Southern, you can access one piece of hand luggage plus a garment bag, cabin bag or briefcase per person, and store this within your cabin. On The Overland, you can bring one cabin bag per person onto the train.