How much does it cost to move a gas meter UK?

The cost to move a gas meter ranges from £400 – £1,000 for materials and £150 – £250 for labour per day. The average cost to move a gas meter is, therefore, £700 + £200 per day. Costs can increase by around 25% if a new meter box is needed and to fill the old space.

How much does it cost to move a gas meter outside UK?

To relocate a gas meter, costs range from an estimated £400 to £1,000, plus labour. For electricity meters, the starting price is lower – around £75, unless your electricity distributor is involved in the process. This bumps up the starting price to around £400.

How much does it cost to move a meter box UK?

What is the cost of moving an electric meter? The cost to move an electric meter will usually fall into the range of £75 – £1,000, with an average cost of £537.50. Engineers will carry out the work on behalf of the electricity distribution board or supplier.

How much does it cost to move an electric meter UK?

Either way, the solution is to move the meter. But what’s the cost to move an electric meter in the UK? Depending on factors outlined in this guide, electricity supplier or electricity distribution company engineers will charge between £70 and £1100, with an average of £550, and will take up to six hours.

Can I relocate my gas meter?

Can I move my gas or electric meter myself? No, moving gas meters is a difficult process, so it’s not something you can do yourself. It’s illegal for anyone but a qualified, licensed professional – such as a Gas Safe engineer – to change the meter’s position.

Where should my gas meter be located?

Meter should be located in the front or within 10 feet of the front corner of the home. If you have a septic system, it must be clearly marked prior to the installation of a new service line.

Do gas meters have to be outside?

Can a gas meter be installed outside? Yes, a new gas meter can be installed in an external location. The meter will need to be housed in a meter box that’s secured to a permanent fixed structure so that no one can tamper with it.

Can I have my gas meter moved?

Can a gas meter be inside a garage?

Gas meters can be installed in garages,but the incoming gas main to the meter must run underground external of the property then rise to a built in gas box or through the wall to the meter.

Can a gas meter be moved?

Can an electrician move an electric meter?

Can I Hire an Electrician to Move My Meter? No, only your current electricity supplier or your network operator can move the meter. If you are changing suppliers then you need to make the change first and then ask for the meter to be moved.

Can I get my gas meter moved outside?

Can I move my gas meter?

You may wish to move your gas meter if it is difficult to access or in the way of renovations. The cost of moving a gas meter is affected by the distance it will be moved, the time taken and whether you wish to make good use of the space.

Who do I call for help with my gas meter?

Call today to speak with one of our gas meter experts on 0330 678 0660, who will be able to assist you and answer any of your questions.

Is it worth it to move my meter?

The same applies to electricity meters. You might also consider moving your meter if you’re finding it difficult to read or access in its current position. Due to the level of work and cost involved in moving a meter, it wouldn’t necessarily be worth moving it on a whim. Can I move my meter myself? You cannot move your meter yourself.