How much does it cost to join SendOutCards?

$97 Unlimited UNLIMITED Heartfelt Prompting Cards! Send an unlimited amount of 5×7 greeting cards, also with stamps included. We stuff, stamp, and mail them for you immediately!

Can I buy and mail a card online?

Sending a card online doesn’t mean you can’t still send traditional snail mail. In fact, every one of our cards are real, hold-in-your-hand greeting cards that are guaranteed to make your recipient smile. So to recap: you can send a card right now, online, and still send a real card via traditional snail mail.

How can I send a card online?

Sending an ecard can be quick and easy! Make sure you are signed in as a member or sign up as a new member with a 7 day free trial to get free ecards. Select an ecard you’d like to send then click personalize and send. After that you can add a personalized note to add a special touch for your recipients.

What is the best free greeting card site?

Check out 10 of the best sites for free eCards on the web:

  1. Punchbowl. If you like the convenience and price savings of ecards but don’t want to give up on that familiar style of traditional greeting cards, Punchbowl is a good option.
  2. WWF.
  3. Paperless Post.
  4. Jacquie Lawson.
  5. Smilebox.
  6. American Greetings.
  7. Ojolie.
  8. Jibjab.

Who owns SendOutCards?

CVO Kody Bateman
About us. Since Founder and CVO Kody Bateman started SendOutCards in 2005, we’ve changed millions of people’s lives, one greeting card at a time.

Can you make money with SendOutCards?

There are several ways of earning an income with SendOutCards. You get paid through earning commissions and bonus for different actions throughout your downline (or team).

Can Hallmark Cards be ordered online?

Yes, you can order boxed greeting cards at

Can I send a postcard online?

Prepare and send glossy, full-color postcards through NetPost PremiumPostcard™ at

Can I send an eCard for free?

After choosing your favorite eCard, you can design it with customized text, add a picture, download it, then send your eCard for Facebook & email to friends and family – all for free! And depending on the calendar, we have free eCards for every occasion.

Are eCards free?

Hallmark offers many premium eCards that you have to pay to send, but there are also plenty of eCards that are free. Simply pick an occasion, holiday, or other category on the left and select any of the eCards that say “FREE” underneath them. You can email free eCards or post them to Facebook.