How much does it cost to get into Shoshone Falls?

$5.00 per car
The vehicle fee at Shoshone Falls Park and Dierkes Lake is $5.00 per car. The fee is in effect from March 1st through September 30th. Season passes are available for purchase for $25.00 at the Parks and Recreation office and at the ticket booth. Coupon books are also available for $30.00 for 20 passes.

How much does it cost to go to Shoshone Ice Caves?

The price of $12 a person is steep for the tour, especially considering a day pass to any of the Idaho state parks is $7.

What is Shoshone Idaho known for?

Shoshone is known as the oldest town in the Magic Valley area and once to have the “widest main street in the world” due to the four sets of tracks running through the center of the business district.

Is Shoshone Falls worth visiting?

The falls are worth seeing being the “Niagara Falls of the West.” The falls is about a 15 minute drive east of Twin Falls. You will need to pay $5 at the gate and then go down into the canyon. There is parking, two overlooks, and multiple kiosks about the falls.

Is Shoshone Falls bigger than Niagara Falls?

Surprisingly perhaps, Shoshone Falls is some 45 feet (14 m) taller than Niagara, at 212 feet (65 m) high. However, Niagara’s three major waterfalls (Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil Falls) stretch along a wider rim and combine for a greater flow volume over the cataract.

Can you swim in Shoshone Falls?

Shoshone Falls, The Niagara of the West At 212 feet, the falls are higher than Niagara Falls. The falls offer a unique blend of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, hiking trails, picnic areas, a boat ramp, swimming area, and a scenic overlook.

Who owns the Shoshone Ice Caves?

The tour last 45 minutes and runs seven days a week throughout the summer season. For more information about the tours, visit here. As of October 2021, the Shoshone Ice Caves are owned by Shane Wallace and Shelly Adamson.

Who found the Shoshone Ice Caves?

Russell Robinson
The Robinson family acquired the land in the 1950s. Russell Robinson studied the caverns, charted the air flow through the passages, and restored its icy state in 1962.

Who are some famous Shoshone?

The most famous leaders and chiefs of the Shoshone tribe included Chief Cameahwait, Chief Pocatello, Chief Little Soldier, Chief Bear Hunter and Chief Washakie. The most famous Native Indian of the Northern Shoshone was Sacajawea who acted as a guide and translator for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Where did the Shoshone tribe live?

About the Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation: The Shoshone people lived for hundreds of years in the area of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. When horses were introduced to the tribe in the early 1700’s, many tribal members were able to travel over great distances to hunt many types of game to feed their families.

Can you see Twin Falls from the car?

A Twin Falls classic, this plummeting waterfall is as easy to see as you can get. Just drive down Canyon Springs Road just as you enter town, following the road down to the parking area. You’ll be able to see these falls from the overlook.

What happened to Shoshone Falls?

According to Wikipedia, the falls formed by catastrophic outburst flooding during the Pleistocene ice age about 14,000 years ago. Shoshone Falls marks the historical upper limit of fish migration (including salmon) in the Snake River. It was an important fishing and trading place for Native Americans.