How much does it cost to get into Salt Springs?

$6 per vehicle
$6 per vehicle (2 to 8 people). $4 single-occupant vehicle and motorcyclists. $2 pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.

Are there alligators in Salt Springs FL?

The recreation area is home to the Salt Springs, with clear water that is 72°F year round. The springs are full of bass, turtles, and blue crabs. Although alligators inhabit the area, the swimming hole is safe and free from these predators during the day.

What is Salt Springs known for?

Salt Spring Island offers all the attractions and charm which have made the Gulf Islands of British Columbia so very popular. Visitors come from far and wide for the Saturday Salt Spring Market, the farm tours, winery tours, the many art galleries and the unique local arts and crafts.

Is there swimming at Salt Springs?

Salt Springs Recreation Area is one the recreational jewels of the Ocala National Forest, with a spectacular natural mineral spring that gives the area its name. Plenty of outdoor activities keep campers and day-use visitors busy, including swimming in the springs, fishing, snorkeling, hiking and boating.

Is alcohol allowed at Salt Springs?

Rules and Regulations. No alcohol is allowed.

What time does Salt Springs open?

8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
At a Glance

Operational Hours: Gates open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closing hours vary by season). Call during business hours (352) 685-2048 for a gate code if you will arrive after 8 p.m.
Water: Hookups available
Restroom: Bathhouses available
Operated By: American Land & Leisure

How Deep Is Salt Springs Run?

A strong, cool, crystal clear current of this spring water issues into the spring run along a 3-4 foot deep, sandy-bottomed channel. The springs are known as “salt” springs because the water rising to the surface passes through ancient salt deposits embedded within the limestone substrate.

Is Salt Springs fresh water?

Salt Springs Details The water is fresh water from the Florida Aquifer, it is not sea water. It is called Salt Spring because of the natural mineral content, especially magnesium and sodium. Many believe that the spring’s mineral water has health benefits.

Is Salt Spring Island worth visiting?

From hiking, kayaking and beachcombing to a vibrant arts-and-crafts scene, Salt Spring is an idyllic place for an island holiday. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada, actually! Even if you’re familiar with Salt Spring, it’s worth returning for another visit, as you’ll discover lots that’s new.

What celebrities live on Salt Spring Island?

In the Gulf Islands, Salt Spring Island is home to children’s performer Raffi and rocker Randy Bachman, as well as wildlife painter Robert Bateman.

Can you swim at Ocala National Forest?

Things to do in the Ocala National Forest The list of activities is extensive: biking, swimming, camping, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, horse riding, nature viewing, picnicking, scenic drives, kayaking and canoeing. For more, visit the park’s list of recreation activities.

Are dogs allowed at Salt Springs?

Salt Springs Park is open every day of the year, from sun-up to sundown. Are dogs allowed? Yes, dogs are allowed as long as they are always on a leash and cleaned up after.