How much does it cost to buy a cow in Georgia?

Know Your Cost

Table 1. Example summary budget for a cow-calf enterprise in Georgia.
Variable Cost $137.14 $609.06
Less: Value of cull cows, bulls and heifers ($26.88) $119.40
NET VARIABLE COST $110.25 $489.66
Annual Livestock Fixed Costs $11.43 $50.76

What is the best breed to cross with Limousin?

The Limousin breed is often crossed with Angus, to make the Lim-Flex hybrid.

What are Limousin cows good for?

The Limousin has built a reputation for being The Carcase Breed. It produces beef with a low proportion of bone and fat, a top killing-out percentage and a high yield of saleable meat (73.3%).

Are Limousin cattle good?

Features of the breed are its hardiness, regular breeding, easy calving, good milking qualities, fast growth and the production of exceptionally high-yielding carcases with little fat.

What do Limousin cattle weigh?

Limousin cattle

Weight Male: 1000–1300 kg Female: 650–850 kg
Height Male: 140–155 cm Female: 135–145 cm
Coat unicolour wheaten
Horn status horned in both sexes

How much do Limousin cattle weight in pounds?

The purebred Limousin boasts a coat of reddish gold. A Limousin bull weighs as much as 2,645 pounds. On average, he stands about 57 inches tall at the shoulder. The Limousin cow is smaller, averaging 1,540 pounds and 53 inches at the shoulder.

What is the lifespan of a Limousin cow?

Quick Facts About Limousin Cattle

Breed Name: Limousin Cattle
Bull (Male) Size: 55 – 62 inches
Cow (Female) Size: 53 – 58 inches
Color: Light wheat, golden-red, black
Lifespan: 8 years

Are Limousin cattle docile?

Limousin breeders have actively bred for temperament along with meat production, creating a docile breed of bull. The North American Limousin Foundation began deliberately encouraging breeding for a docile disposition and culling of bulls with difficult temperaments in the 1990s.