How much does a Widex moment 440 cost?

Widex hearing aids range in price from $1,424 to $3,597 per device, depending on the model. Popular models include the BEYOND, EVOKE, and MOMENT….Widex hearing aid prices.

Model Average Price
Widex MOMENT 440 $3,597
Widex MOMENT 330 $2,839
Widex MOMENT 220 $2,403
Widex MOMENT 110 $1,950

What is the difference between Widex moment 330 and 440?

Widex Moment 440 — Premium features include 15 frequency bands, 5 programs, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, speech enhancement and directionality. Widex Moment 330 — Advanced level technology with 12 frequency bands, 4 programs, feedback cancellation, noise reduction and directionality.

Does Widex moment 440 have telecoil?

None of them have a telecoil, although they can access loop systems via a Dex. None of them are Bluetooth enabled although they are wireless and can connect to the Widex Dex accessories for streaming audio.

How long do Widex hearing aid batteries last?

They last approximately 4 to 5 years. Q: What would happen if my patient accidentally places their hearing aids in the charger while they have zinc air batteries in them? A: When the hearing aids are put on the charger, the charger will check to see what type of battery is in the hearing aid.

How much does a Widex moment cost?

Your hearing care professional will be able to advise which is the best Widex Moment hearing aid for you. The Widex Moment starts from around $2,134 per device.

How do I know if my hearing aid has a telecoil?

Not all phones have a coil in them. It is important to check if your phone has a coil before you ask to have your hearing aid telecoil activated. For mobile phones, if it has a “T-Rating” it has a coil that will work your hearing aid’s telecoil. The T-Rating tells how strong the coil is.