How much does a draper head cost?

2015 Combine Headers of all Widths

Header Type Average New Selling Price in 2015 Used Cash Value in 2018
Flex Draper $81,151 $50,980
Rigid Draper $73,152 $45,586
Flex Auger $40,117 $24,356
Rigid Auger $40,980 $23,676

What are draper heads used for?

A draper header uses a canvas-style rolling platform belt to catch crop from the sickle bar. The crop is conveyed on the belt from both ends of the header to the middle, where a third draper pushes it into the feeder house. Draper headers are an alternative to auger-style headers.

How much does a combine head cost?

Those prices don’t include the corn header and soybean header attachments you need for harvest. Budget $50,000 to $100,000 for each of those. Why the range in price for combines? Bigger models tend to have greater horsepower, bigger grain tanks and can accommodate bigger header attachments.

What header do you need for soybeans?

No special header, same one you would use for wheat, barley, oats, and canola. Can plant soybeans with more equipment, can use either a seeder for the grains, or a planter like corn and sunflowers. Sunflowers have a special head but optional, the corn heads work too.

How much does a 40 ft draper header weight?

Approximately 2050 lb

CA25 Combine Adapter Specs Center Draper
Size 78.7 in (2000 mm) width
Weight Approximately 2050 lb (930 kg)
Type Self-tracking rubber coated polyester fabric feed draper with rubber slats, hydraulic drive (reversible)
Speed 350 to 400 ft/min (107-122 m/min)

What is the largest John Deere header?

The “heart” of the new combine, Reicks explains, is the 75-square-foot dual separator, which features the largest threshing and separation areas John Deere has ever offered.

Why is it called a draper head?

A Draper head is usually a rigid header that has gauge wheels to help it float in the adapter that the combine uses to connect to, thus allow it to follow the land more closely. It’s called a draper due to the draper “belts” that carry the crop to the feederhouse.

Why is it called a Draper?

Draper was originally a term for a retailer or wholesaler of cloth that was mainly for clothing. A draper may additionally operate as a cloth merchant or a haberdasher.

What is the biggest combine header?

The 24-rows, 20-in. row folding combine head called the Northstar 2420 by Geringhoff was displayed at Farm Progress. The 41-in head folds down to 20 ft.

Whats the most expensive combine?

US firm John Deere has given its new X9 1100 combine and 12.1m HDX header a whopping £850,328 list price.

Can you harvest soybeans with a corn head?

Subject: Re: harvesting soybeans with a corn header? I 100% agree with you one them being the best way to cut 30″ beans. As long as you can plant straight enough then you can really go fast. You also have less header loss then a bean platform.

How fast do you combine soybeans?

2.5 to 4.5mph
Registered. Anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5mph, really depends on losses and conditions. A properly tuned FD70/75 will cut beans at like 7+mph in good conditions if you really wanted to push it, but the number one thing for improving yield is slowing down the combine!