How much do you have to spend at Safeway to get free delivery?

If you’re a new customer for online grocery orders, you will be able to receive free delivery on your first online order. Simply meet the $30 minimum order requirement and enter the Promo Code FREE at checkout. You may, from time to time, qualify for additional free delivery offers.

Does Safeway tip Doordash drivers?

There’s nowhere on the order form to put a tip and in fact, Safeway has an FAQ on their site that states that delivery drivers aren’t allowed to accept tips.

How much should you tip for grocery store delivery?

Generally speaking, Maryanne Parker, an etiquette expert, said you should tip delivery drivers — including grocery delivery — 25%-30%.

How much is Safeway FreshPass?

$12.99 per month
FreshPass™ only costs $12.99 per month or $99 a year for unlimited free delivery and exclusive perks galore. And there are no hidden fees! For a limited time, annual subscribers will receive a $5 monthly promo credit through the end of the year. Sign up via the Safeway® Deals and Delivery App™ or online at

How does DoorDash with Safeway work?

Under the new partnership, shoppers can order groceries and essentials on-demand for delivery within an hour through DoorDash with no time slot, or minimum order size required.

Are Safeway employees allowed to accept tips?

According to Safeway, it is against their policy for any employee to accept tips. However, if customers place an order for Safeway groceries through Instacart, the app automatically applies a tip.

Is 10 percent a good tip for Instacart?

You should tip Instacart drivers. Instacart recommends 5%, but always tip more for great service. Like many in the service industry, a large amount of their pay comes from tips. And it’s good to know that 100% of the tip stays with the driver who’s shopping for you.

Is $25 a good Instacart tip?

Instacart recommends a 5% tip which is less than the 15% to 20% recommended tip in the restaurant industry. So if you paid $75 for your groceries, you should at least, leave the Instacart shopper a tip of $3.75. Leaving at least a 5% tip is considered good Instacart tipping etiquette.

Can you tip on Safeway app?

What is FreshPass from Safeway?

FreshPass is a paid subscription program that offers savings on grocery delivery and many exclusive perks. Subscribers enjoy the following: Unlimited free delivery on orders over $30 (discounted fee for Flash delivery where available) $5 Monthly credit for annual subscribers.