How Much Do Registered Maine Guides make?

The average salary for a Guide is $41,241 per year in Maine. Salaries estimates are based on 389 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Guide employees in Maine. What is the highest salary for a Guide in Maine? The highest salary for a Guide in Maine is $62,332 per year.

How do you become a master guide in Maine?

Master Maine Guide License means that a Guide has acquired experience in the field that he/she is guiding. The required experience is 10 years. A Guide must have been working in the field as a guide for ten years, and have had at least five years professional experience in their guiding classification.

What do Maine Guides do?

Registered Maine Guides are outdoor professionals who are licensed and permitted to accept any form of remuneration for their services in accompanying or assisting any person in the fields, forests or on the waters or ice within the jurisdiction of the State while hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, snowmobiling.

How many registered Maine guides are there?

There are currently approximately 5000 licensed Maine guides.

How hard is it to become a Maine Guide?

Each year countless candidates dream of becoming a Maine Guide. Maine has long been recognized as the most difficult State in the US in which to obtain a guide’s license.

What does it take to become a Maine Guide?

Applicants must be currently certified by the American Red Cross in standard first-aid or completion of any standard first-aid course that meets the criteria established by rule of the commissioner. Each new guide applicant must pay a $100.00 fee in each classification to be examined to become a guide.

What does it take to be a Maine Guide?

What is a Junior Maine Guide?

The Junior Maine Guide Program is a uniquely Maine and legendary wilderness camping skills program designed to foster rewarding, enjoyable and healthy outdoor living experiences for youth ages 9 – 18.

What do hunting guides do in the off season?

What To Do In The Hunting Off-Season

  • Catch Up On Chores. At the end of a long and grueling hunting season I don’t know who’s more excited for me to be home, my family or me.
  • Exercise. During the off-season I try to catch up much needed exercise.
  • Habitat Improvement.
  • Practice.
  • New Property.
  • Trail Cameras.
  • Scouting.
  • New Hobby.

How do I get a job as a hunting guide?

5 Steps to Becoming a Hunting and Fishing Guide

  1. Specialize and Focus with your Hunting and Fishing Experience.
  2. Research Relevant Laws and Regulations in the Hunting and Fishing Industry.
  3. Create a Business Plan for your Hunting and Fishing Career.
  4. Build Your Authority as a Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide.