How much do GE interns make?

How much does an Intern make at GE Corporate in the United States? Average GE Corporate Intern hourly pay in the United States is approximately $17.95, which is 29% above the national average.

How much an Intern is paid in UK?

How much does a Internship make in United Kingdom? The average internship salary in the United Kingdom is £23,181 per year or £11.89 per hour. Entry level positions start at £21,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £36,838 per year.

How much is the GE salary?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at General Electric is $100,898, or $48 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $98,300, or $47 per hour. At General Electric, the highest paid job is a Director of Sales at $252,452 annually and the lowest is a Receptionist at $38,816 annually.

Do GM interns get paid?

The wages GM pays its interns and co-ops is $20 to $33 an hour, but it’s a far cry from Silicon Valley companies that typically pay $40 to $45 an hour, students say.

What is good pay for an internship?

The average hourly wage rate for a bachelor’s degree intern is $16.26. Generally, the closer to the terminal degree, the higher the internship wage. A college senior, for example, averages 20.2 percent more than a student who just completed the freshman year: $17.47 versus $14.53 per hour.

What are the salary bands at GE?

General Electric Co (GE) Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Senior Mechanical Engineer Range:$89k – $146k Average:$112,642
Software Engineer Range:$63k – $112k Average:$85,055
Senior Software Engineer Range:$81k – $147k Average:$110,134
Project Engineer Range:$59k – $116k Average:$81,776

Is GE a good place to work?

81% of employees at GE Appliances say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Source: Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

How much do GM engineering interns make?

Santa Clara, CA beats the national average by $8,969 (18.9%), and Lakes, AK furthers that trend with another $10,001 (21.1%) above the $47,474 average….What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for GM Intern Jobs.

City Santa Clara, CA
Annual Salary $56,443
Monthly Pay $4,704
Weekly Pay $1,085
Hourly Wage $27.14

How much do Ford engineering interns make?

Ford Software Engineer Intern Salaries | $36.92 / hr | Levels. fyi.

Is 20 an hour good for an internship?

Yes, $20 an hour is good for an internship. However, many unpaid internships do provide some level of compensation, be it course credit or covering the cost of living expenses. Unpaid internships are also easier to get, which is understandable. Paid internships are harder to get into but can be worth it.

Why intern with GE UK?

There is no better place to start your professional career than with a yearlong internship with GE UK. GE interns work together to solve real-world challenges, sometimes spurring innovations that change the way we do business.

How much do GE employees get paid an hour?

How much does GE pay? The average GE salary ranges from approximately $39,686 per year for a Data Entry Clerk to $538,283 per year for a Managing Director. The average GE hourly pay ranges from approximately $22 per hour for a Customer Service Representative to $106 per hour for an Electrician.

How much do GE FMP interns get paid?

GE FMP Internship. $23/hr Avg. Total Pay. $23/hr Base Pay. Based on 11 SalariesFull Pay Details. Salaries >. GE. View Data as Table. GE Salaries. Job Title.

How many employees does GE Aviation have?

Employing over 5,000 people, and offering services including design, development, manufacturing, on-wing support and maintenance, GE has continued to drive innovation across commercial, military, business & general aviation, and marine segments GE is bringing the Industrial Internet to life by connecting minds and machines.