How many teeth are in a Craftsman ratchet?

3/8-in Drive Iconic 36 Tooth Ratchet.

What rachet has the most teeth?

Steelman™PRO 160 tooth ratchets have the highest tooth count available on the market! With 160 teeth, the ratchet only requires a 2.25 degree swing. This means the ratchet can be used in super tight spaces and still get a grip on the fastener!

How much does a craftsman ratchet cost?

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This item CRAFTSMAN Ratchet Wrench, 1/4-Inch Drive, 72-Tooth, Pear Head (CMMT81747) Craftsman 11 Piece Socket Wrench Set 6 Point, 9-34861
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Are Craftsman ratchets guaranteed for life?

Craftsman ratchets and other tools carry a lifetime replacement warranty. Sears Corporation makes and sells Craftsman tools. Each tool carries a lifetime warranty. You can get a replacement tool free of charge if it breaks or fails for any reason.

Are quick release ratchets weaker?

Ratchets without quick release mechanisms still have ball detent retention mechanisms, but require more pulling to remove a ratchet. Those with quick release mechanisms might have stronger retention, until you press that release button even just a little bit.

What is a teardrop ratchet?

This teardrop ratchet wrench has an extra strong tapered head that fits tight spots. Constructed of hard chrome vanadium steel with lightweight composite handle, this teardrop ratchet tackles even the most stubborn nuts and bolts.

Should ratchets be greased?

Rescue for Ratchets We recommend relubricating your Tekton ratchet with Super Lube® Grease once a year. Directions: Clean the internal parts with a degreaser and reassemble them inside the ratchet head. Put a dab of Super Lube® Grease between the pawl and the switch pin and another dab inside the detent spring hole.