How many people can a size 4 potjie feed?

We usually say that a potjie size two is suitable for about 6-8 persons, a potjie size three for about double the amount of people (12-16) and a size four is good for about three times as many (18-24).

How long do you cook potjiekos?

Potjiekos is cooked slowly ( 2 to 3 hours) with moderate heat. (Plan well as this dish does not like to be rushed.) Use enough, but not too much, liquid. This is NOT soup or a stew.

What does the number on a potjie mean?

Did you know? The number of rings on your potjie pot multiplied by the size of the pot equals the number of servings it can make. For example, this size 3 pot has 4 rings on the outside, therefore it can hold up to 12 servings of your favourite, homemade potjie!

What spices are in potjiekos?

Potjiekos is an Afrikaans word meaning pot food and this forms part of the South African cuisine tradition. The spice blend is a traditional mix of spices such as coriander, paprika, herbs, bay leaves and more that will add flavor to any meat and vegetable stew made in a traditional three-legged pot or dutch oven.

How much water do you put in a potjie?

How to build the perfect South African potjie

  1. ¼ cup flour. For the long-cooking veggies. 2 potatoes, cubed. 100 g butternut, cubed. 1 onion, cubed.
  2. 3 cloves. For the gravy. 1 tin chopped tomatoes. ½ cup red wine. 330 ml Lager.
  3. 1 cup water. For the soft veggies. 150 g button mushrooms, quartered. 100 g baby marrows, sliced.

How do I make my potjie thicker?

When you reduce your sauce, it’s important to remove the lid and cook the potjie on low heat. This will thicken the sauce perfectly. Never forget though, that the less liquid you add, the better, as most of the broth will only be visible closer to the end.

What do you eat with Potjiekos?

Potjie can be served over traditional accompaniments such as flavoured or plain, pap, rice or even noodles. A couple of mixed salads, potato salads or another South African favourite, Three-bean salad. Everyone loves home made bread. Try potbrood, homemade wholewheat bread or vetkoek.

How do you restore a rusted potjie?

If you find rust, scrub the rust off with fine wire wool and hot soapy water until the rust is removed. Then be sure to repeat the curing process before cooking in it again.