How many military aircraft does Greece have?

Hellenic Air Force
Country Greece
Type Air force
Role Aerial warfare
Size approx. 42,500 personnel 600+ aircraft 8 types of air defence systems

Is Greek air force strong?

Greek Air Force Strength According to open sources, the Greek Air Force operates 229 combat aircraft including 32 F-16C/D Block 30, 38 F-16C/D Block 50, 54 F-16C/D Block 52+, 30 F-16C/D Block 52+ Advanced, 18 Mirage 2000BG/EG, 24 Mirage 2000-5 BG/EG and 33 F-4E AUP.

Are Greek fighter pilots the best in the world?

Greek pilots are frequently voted by their NATO counterparts as being the best in the world. It is recalled that Squadron Leader Anastasios Andronikakis was named NATO’s best pilot in 2021.

What planes did Greece use in ww2?


  • PZL P.24.
  • Gloster Gladiator.
  • Bloch MB.150.

How many f16 Greece has?


Aircraft and Helicopters Origin Total Numbers
Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon United States Greece 154
Dassault Mirage 2000 France 40
Dassault Rafale France 24
McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom II United States Germany Greece 33

How many Rafale jets does Greece have?

This new contract, which follows Greece’s acquisition of 18 Rafale in January 2021, will increase to 24 the number of Rafale operated by the Hellenic Air Force.

Who has a stronger navy Greece or Turkey?

The Hellenic Navy has a clear advantage over Turkey’s navy in submarine warfare. Together with Israel, Greece has the most advanced conventional submarines in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Does Greece have a strong military?

General information. Greece is ranked 27 out of 140 countries reviewed for an annual global firepower ranking score, that uses a modified power index formulated after evaluating 50 individual, but subjective factors. In 2022 it holds an index rating of 0.4506, with 0.0000 considered a “perfect” score.

Are Turkey and Greece allies?

Driven by Eleftherios Venizelos in co-operation with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as well as İsmet İnönü’s government, a series of treaties were signed between Greece and Turkey in 1930 which, in effect, restored Greek-Turkish relations and established a de facto alliance between the two countries.

Does Cyprus have an air force?

The Cyprus Air Command (Greek: Διοίκηση Αεροπορίας Κύπρου), is the armed air wing of the National Guard. This force is equipped with attack and anti-tank helicopters, surface-to-air missile systems and integrated radar systems.

Does Albania have an air force?

The Albanian Air Force (Albanian: Forca Ajrore e Republikës së Shqipërisë – Air Force of the Republic of Albania) is the national air force of Albania. It is one of the branches of the Albanian Armed Forces.