How many fire stations are in Sacramento?

The Sacramento Fire Department has 24 active Fire Stations strategically located throughout its service area. Eight stations are located north of the American River, seven stations in the central downtown and eastern sections of the City, and nine stations in the southern portions of the City.

How many firefighters does Sacramento have?

Sacramento Fire Department

Operational area
Established 1850
Annual calls 105,508 (2020)
Employees 711 (2019)
Annual budget $122,652,782 (2019)

How do I report a fire Sacramento?

To report a potential fire hazard, please call Fire Administration at (916) 617-4600. For non-emergency inquiries to Fire Dispatch, please call (916) 372-3375.

How long is Sac Metro Fire Academy?

This 500 to 559-hour course provides manipulative and technical training in basic concepts of fire department organization, ropes, knots and hitches, hose and hose handling, ladder evolutions, wildland fires, fire investigation, fire prevention, salvage operations, fire department apparatus, tools and equipment.

How many fire stations are in California?

812 fire stations
Facilities Throughout the State The Department is divided into two regions with 21 administrative units statewide. Within these units, CAL FIRE operates 812 fire stations (237 state and 575 local government).

How long is Sac Metro fire Academy?

Where is the fire in Elk Grove?

The first fire is near Hwy99 & Sheldon Rd in east Elk Grove. The second is in Galt near McKenzie Rd and Mingo.

How much does fire academy cost in California?

Costs include the basic college fees plus the cost of additional supplies and equipment as needed. The total cost will run about $4000.00, broken down below.

How long does it take to become a firefighter in California?

It will generally take most people between 2 to 5 years to get a job as a professional firefighter (volunteer positions are usually much easier). There are numerous steps to prepare and a competitive and long hiring process to start a career in the fire service. California has even tougher odds than many other states.