How many endings does Beyond: Two Souls have?

There are 11 endings for Beyond: Two Souls. Although the game is full of choices, the ones that truly matter are tied to the life and death of the people you have met along the way. Below we have a list of all 11. However some people have been able to get the trophy to unlock with fewer endings.

Who was the girl at the end of Beyond: Two Souls?

Her name is misspelled as Zoe in the ending credits. Zoey has dark brown eyes, but in the future she has blue eyes, while it could be disputed that it’s the lighting. It is never really stated how Zoey is psychic like Jodie, or even how she apparently has an entity attached to her.

What happens if you choose Beyond in Beyond: Two Souls?

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, she enters an ethereal world where she can become anything she wants.

How do you get Jodie to sleep with Ryan?

If everything goes right, Ryan will confess his love to Jodie. You then have the choice to kiss him or go away. If you choose to kiss him, the two lovers will go to Jodie’s bed.

Is there romance in Beyond: Two Souls?

Never Alone is a silver trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. It requires the player to start at least one romance.

How old is Jodie Beyond: Two Souls?

Jodie Holmes is the protagonist of Beyond: Two Souls. The narrative of Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie through 15 (ages 8 – 24) years of her life, dealing with her “gift”. in the English version of the game, and by Debora Magnaghi in the Italian version of the game.

Is Aiden Jodie’s brother?

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Aiden is Jodie’s stillborn twin brother. Jodie was delivered safely from her mother’s womb, but her brother was strangled by the umbilical cord. Rather than passing on, his soul became linked to Jodie and remained that way, growing up as if it occupied a physical body.

Can you save Cole in Beyond: Two Souls?

To save Cole, you need to carry him to the elevator and use Aiden to heal him, while to save Ryan, you must make Nathan Dawkins see that what he’s doing is wrong. He will then commit suicide rather than kill Ryan who wishes to sacrifice himself to protect Jodie.

How old is Jodie in separation?

18 Years Old
Separation – 18 Years Old (2008)

Will Beyond: Two Souls have a sequel?

As part of a Q&A on, Quantic Dream Co-Founder David Cage revealed that there “is no plan” for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls, which was recently released on PlayStation 4.