How many championships has Melina won?

Championships and accomplishments Melina is a three-time WWE Women’s Champion… …and a two-time WWE Divas Champion, making her an overall five-time Women’s Champion in WWE.

What happened between Batista and Melina?

Batista released his first autobiography back in 2006 called “Unleashed” where he admitted that he and former WWE Women’s Champion Melina had an affair back in 2005.

Did Melina and Johnny Nitro date?

Melina, who at the time was Nitro’s actual girlfriend, joined them as their manager in February 2005. While working in OVW, Mercury and Nitro captured the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on one occasion.

Is Melina coming back to WWE?

One of the most exciting things about the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event is the return of WWE legends. And the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match witnessed the return of several former WWE superstars, including Melina. Melina’s return came as an enormous surprise for the WWE Universe.

Who slept with Melina?

His WWE autobiography revealed that while his colleagues may have succumbed to alcohol or drugs, he was instead choosing to sleep around. This incited a locker room scandal when Batista ended up sleeping with WWE diva Melina… who had only just broken up with Batista’s colleague John Morrison.

Are Booker T and Batista friends?

We won’t be friends, but we will work together. Dirtsheets at the time said that Rey Mysterio tried to play peacemaker, but it did no good. Booker called Batista out in front of all the boys and when the Animal came back to Booker minutes later, what he said next set the tone.

What does MNM stand for in WWE?

MNM (Mercury, Nitro, and Melina) were a professional wrestling stable in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) that consisted of Joey Mercury (previously Joey Matthews), Johnny Nitro, and their manager Melina Perez.