How many caste are there in Odisha?

Odisha has the unique distinction of having 93 different Scheduled Caste communities spread over 30 districts and 314 blocks of the state. The growth and distribution of Scheduled Caste population have got special significance.

Which caste is highest in Odisha?

The Buna Pano are a part of the Pano. According to the 2011 Census, 1,205,099 people in Odisha constituting 17.7% of the total SC population, were members of this caste. It was the most populous of the scheduled castes of Odisha.

What caste is Mallick in Odisha?

Some are from Chasa caste (OBC). Some mallicks also belong to SC and ST. Das surname is primarily used by karanas and Khandayat but sometimes Brahmins and SCs have it. Behera surname has presence in Karanas, Khandayat and SCs.

Which caste is Karana?

The Karan or Karana is a writer caste found in the state of Odisha in India….Karan (caste)

Religions Hinduism
Languages Odia
Populated states Odisha

Which caste is Khandayat?

Khandayat or Khandait is a landed militia caste from Odisha, East india. They were feudal chiefs, military generals, zamindars, large land holders and agriculturalists. Numerically they are the largest caste of the state….Khandayat (caste)

Populated states Odisha

Which caste is sahoo?

The Sahu people in Maharashtra belong to the Marwari caste, and migrated from Bundelkhand mainly to the Vidarbha region. They trace their origin to Karmabai who lived in the Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Who is Malik caste?

Some Maliks (Urdu: ملک) belong to a clan of Hindu Jat, Muslim and a few Sikh Jat, found primarily in India. (There also exist Hindu Punjabi Maliks that are part of the Khukhrain or Arora communities. The Muslim Malik community is settled all over Pakistan and the Sikh Malik in India.

Is Mohanty general or OBC?

Mohanty had indicated in the application form of CSE-2014 that he belonged to general category as he was not in possession of an OBC certificate and apprehensive that his candidature in that category might be rejected for that reason. He furnished the OBC certificate along with his representation on May 4, 2016.

What is Mohanty caste?

Indian (Orissa): Hindu (Brahman, Kayasth) name, from Sanskrit mahant- ‘great’.

Which caste is Mohanty?

What caste is Saha?

Saha caste in bengali belongs to SC (Scheduled caste).

Is Teli a lower caste?

Whilst the trio of Yadav, Kurmi and Koeri are considered as upper OBC, Teli along with Kanu, Dhanuk, Kahar, Kumhar and others are classified as lower OBC.