How long is the walk up Bickerton Hill?

2.15 miles
There are three possible footpaths to take from this point. This walk continues by following the Sandstone Trail sign to the west down the narrower stone path….

Start GPS coordinate 53.072203, -2.742883
Approximate Length 2.15 miles
Approximate Duration 58 minutes
Grade Easy

How long is the Sandstone Trail in miles?

34 miles
It’s one of the best walks in Northwest England and arguably the ultimate Cheshire Way. The Trail stretches for 34 miles/55 kilometres along Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge and offers superb, unbroken, and often elevated walking across the still largely green and pleasant English county of Cheshire.

Where do you park for Bickerton Hill Walk?

Car parks: SY14 8LN off Goldford Lane or Sy14 8LH off Old Coach Road.

How do you get to Mad Allen’s Cave?

The two-storey cave known as Mad Allen’s Hole (on the southerly hill at SJ503536) has an entrance partially blocked by boulders and is accessible via a circular hole at the rear. The Queen’s Parlour, a large triple-chambered cave directly under the Raw Head trig point, might be partially quarried.

Can you walk the Sandstone Trail in one day?

Seasoned walkers can complete the Sandstone Trail in one go; this is best achieved during the long summer days and takes around twelve hours. But be warned: it’s a long way; as one weary walker remarked, ‘for the last few miles the stiles were ten feet high’.

Where does the Sandstone Trail start and end?

The Sandstone Trail was one of the first promoted routes in the country, pioneered by Cheshire County Council’s Countryside Recreation Department. The original Trail, opened in 1974, was just 16 miles long from Delamere to Duckington. Soon it was extended up to Beacon Hill in the north and Grindley Brook in the south.

Where are the caves on the Sandstone Trail?

Caves have often either been naturally eroded or deliberately dug out of the softer rocks along Cheshire’s central sandstone ridge. The best natural cave (although clearly enhanced by man) on the Sandstone Trail is probably Mad Allen’s Hole near Bickerton; another is tiny Musket’s Hole, just south of Rawhead.

Where is the halfway point on the Sandstone Trail?

Halfway Stop on the Sandstone Trail Others choose to spread the journey across two days of roughly 17-20 miles each, staying overnight at a suitable halfway stop in Higher Burwardsley, close to Beeston Castle and Beeston Market, or in the picturesque market town of Tarporley.

Is the Sandstone Trail easy to follow?

How accessible is the Sandstone Trail? Mostly pretty good. The Sandstone Trail varies in difficulty from easy to moderate, depending on the terrain. Short, steep sections include those at Frodsham, Beeston Castle, Higher Burwardsley, Rawhead and Bickerton.

Where does the Sandstone Trail start and finish?

Summary: The Sandstone Trail long-distance footpath follows sandstone ridges running north–south from Frodsham in central Cheshire to Whitchurch just over the Shropshire border. The path was created in 1974 and extended in the 1990s.

Can you ride a bike on the Sandstone Trail?

Home/Can I cycle or ride a horse along the Sandstone Trail? Mountain bikes are actively discouraged on the Sandstone Trail, while horses are only allowed on short sections of official bridleway. Horse riders may enjoy the nearby Bishop Bennett Way, which covers much of the same ground by a different route.

Is the sandstone trail easy to follow?

Where is Bickerton in Cheshire?

/ 53.088; -2.736 Bickerton is a village and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, England, about 8 miles (13 km) north of Whitchurch in Shropshire. The parish also includes the small settlement of Gallantry Bank, with a total population of over 200.

What is the elevation of Bickerton Hill?

/ 53.087; -2.714 Bickerton Hill refers to two low red sandstone hills that form the southern end of the Mid Cheshire Ridge in Cheshire, north-west England. The high point, Raw Head, lies on the northerly hill and has an elevation of 227 metres.

Where is the closest primary school to Bickerton?

Bickerton Holy Trinity CE Primary School stands on Long Lane. It serves Bickerton as well as the nearby civil parishes of Bulkeley, Cholmondeley, Chorley, Egerton, Ridley and part of Duckington. Bickerton civil parish falls within the catchment area of Bishop Heber High School in Malpas.

What is happening to Bickerton Hill?

Tree clearance, has, however, resulted in conflict between the trust and a local residents group, Friends of Bickerton Hill, which organised a protest on the hill in October 2008 against tree felling, especially in the picturesque Cuckoo Rock Valley.