How long is swamp tour in New Orleans?

approximately 2 hours
Daily Swamp Tours Enjoy a two-hour boat ride down the Honey Island Swamp in the company of our local, certified boat captains aboard a 22-passenger flat bottomed boat. Tour is approximately 2 hours long.

How much do swamp tours cost in New Orleans?

Tours depart several times daily. Tickets start at $25 for adults and $15 for children; transportation to and from New Orleans hotels costs extra. You must call the company directly to book. [View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2.]

What do you see on a New Orleans swamp tour?

5 Things You See on A New Orleans Swamp Tour

  • Diverse Species of Birds.
  • Draping Canopies of Trees.
  • Swamps, Marshes, and Lots of Water.
  • Unique Wildlife.
  • Picturesque Natural Scenery.

Are New Orleans swamp tours safe?

Bayou tours are not only family-fun, but they’re family-friendly as well. If you have any worries about boating safety or alligators, let us ease your concerns. The safety of your family is important to us at the Adventures of Jean Lafitte. Tours of the bayou in New Orleans are as safe as they are fun!

How should I dress for a swamp tour?

On the swamp tour, wear comfortable, loose clothing. After all, you are in the wilderness! Check the forecast for inclement weather, as you might need to bring a rain jacket, especially on the open-air airboat tour. Sandals or athletic shoes are good options for footwear.

Are alligators attracted to marshmallows?

We asked “why marshmallows” and he said that it fools the alligators. The gators think the marshmallows are eggs which are their favorite snack. Great. So not only are marshmallows not even a naturally occurring food in their diet, they’re also disrupting alligator instincts by tricking them into thinking they’re eggs.

Is it safe to swim in the Louisiana bayou?

City code officially bans swimming in Bayou St. John. Skaggs said that’s partly because it’s dangerous; there’s lots of trash under the water.