How long does it take for Condyline to work?

It can take between 4 to 12 weeks to work. It can be used on a larger area than Warticon and Condyline and is also used to treat superficial basal cell carcinoma. You can reduce your risk of getting genital warts by: using a condom each time you have sex (including oral)

What is podofilox 0.5 solution used for?

Podofilox is used to remove certain types of warts on the outside skin of the genital areas (penis or vulva). The gel is used also to treat warts between the genitals and the rectum, the solution is not.

Can you use Condyline paint on normal warts?

Do not use Condyline Paint on healthy skin or if you have a lot of warts. Do not use it on broken skin. Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. It may affect your developing baby if you use it during pregnancy.

Should Condyline burn?

Related Reading: condylox It does burn a bit, but gets rid of the problem fast. This is the most unimaginable pain that I was not at all prepared for. If your wart is anywhere near skin-on-skin contact I wouldn’t recommend using this.

What happens if you use too much Condyline?

action. Redness with discomfort and/or superficial ulceration in the treated area is to be expected. Further applications of Condyline® may sting and be rather painful. The above list includes serious side effects, usually caused by continued use on large areas of skin, which may require medical attention.

Does podofilox turn warts white?

The wart tissue started turning white and falling off after the 2nd day. I was glad to see them go so quickly. As far as I can tell, the medicine burnt off all the warts in the first treatment cycle!

Can you use podofilox on regular warts?

PODOFILOX (po do FIL ox) is a medication used to remove genital warts. The topical solution should only be used to treat genital warts located on the outside skin of the genitals (i.e., penis or vagina). The solution should not be used to treat warts near the rectal area.

What does Condyline do to healthy skin?

Condyline is a topical medical treatment used to treat genital warts in both men and women. It is applied in weekly treatment cycles to destroy genital warts and leave behind healthy skin. Condyline should clear most small outbreaks of genital warts in five weeks.

How do you take Condyline 5 mg ml?

Apply twice daily for three consecutive days directly to the warts. Allow to dry after treatment. Use the applicator provided, applying not more than 50 applicators-full for each treatment. This three-day treatment may be repeated, if necessary, at weekly intervals for a total of five weeks of treatment.

Can I use Condyline after 6 weeks?

Do not use Condyline® after the expiry date on the package or six weeks after first opening the bottle. If your doctor tells you to stop using this medicine or the expiry date has passed, ask your pharmacist what to do with any medicine that is left over.

How do you use Condyline?

How to use Condyline

  1. Wash the affected areas with soap and water, and ensure they are dry before using the Condyline solution.
  2. Wash and dry your hands.
  3. Fill the applicator with the Condyline solution, and carefully apply it to a cluster of warts.
  4. Leave this to dry, then repeat for all other warts.

What happens if you get podofilox on healthy skin?

Podofilox can cause severe irritation of normal skin. If you get medicine on normal skin, wash it off immediately. Make sure the treated area is dry before allowing the treated skin to come in contact with normal, untreated skin. Immediately after applying this medicine, wash your hands to remove any medicine.