How long does corrugated polycarbonate last?

Polycarbonate panels are resistant to extreme temperature either hot or cold, sunlight, snow, rain, and impact. This enables the panels to last for many many years without fading or discoloring while also remaining damage free from any various impacts over the years.

What is the standard size of polycarbonate sheet?

The standard size of a polycarbonate sheet is 2.1 x 6 m and 2.1 x 12 m. You could buy the entire sheet or have it cut to your required size.

How strong is corrugated polycarbonate?

Able to withstand extreme abuse, the strong corrugated sheet has an impact resistance 20 times stronger than fiberglass and over 120 times stronger than glass.

What is better PVC or polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is even stronger than PVC (apparently it’s almost impossible to break it, but we don’t want to tempt fate…). This means, of course, that it costs more. PVC has another advantage: polycarbonate can scratch, whereas PVC rarely does.

What thickness polycarbonate should I use for roof?

The thicker polycarbonate sheets 25mm, 32mm and 35mm tend to be used externally for roofing applications, the thicker the sheet the better the heat and sound insulation. 16mm polycarbonate is light enough to be used for small jobs but also is also useful for certain roofing jobs.

How expensive is polycarbonate?

For general purpose, grades of polycarbonate in February prices were around $1.60 – $1.90 per pound.

How long will a polycarbonate roof last?

about 20 years
Polycarbonate conservatory roofs You can expect polycarbonate roofs to last for about 20 years. However, if you have a polycarbonate roof which is between 10-20 years old, it is highly likely that it fails to maintain a comfortable temperature in the conservatory. So, we recommend replacing it sooner rather than later.

Does polycarbonate roofing get hot?

Polycarbonate is also very lightweight and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Due to these qualities it makes for an effective roofing material for many applications.

How long will polycarbonate last?

about 10 years
Though polycarbonate is durable, it should be treated with UV protectant to prevent it from turning yellow or breaking down. With proper care, polycarbonate can last about 10 years, a fraction of how long glass lasts.