How is greed shown in the pearl?

The pearl has unleashed basic greed in the fishing town. While Juana had initially prayed to find a pearl simply to have the money to pay the doctor, the pearl quickly comes to symbolize the possibility of personal gain for everyone in the town.

How greed leads to evil in the pearl?

The pearl buyers are out to take advantage of kino and his pearl. Their goal is to cheat him and ruin his plans of happiness and peace for his family. The doctor comes to take advantage of kino’s ignorance by making coyotito sick and pretending that his illiness is the result of the scorption sting.

Who was greedy in the pearl?

The townspeople and neighbors mask their greed by discussing the greed of others – in this case, Kino. Greed has rendered Kino capable of animalistic brutalities. After Kino discovers the pearl, each person is consumed by greed and imagines himself as the one who has found the pearl.

Is the priest greedy in the pearl?

The priest in the novel is greedy and materialistic. When he gets news about the pearl, he starts planning on how to get it.

How was Kino greedy?

First of all Kino became greedy when he felt entitled to a higher amount of money when he first tried to sell his pearl to the buyers even though the amount hey offered was far more money than Kino has ever seen in his whole life. He even states “ my pearl is not for sale.

What is greed literature?

Greed is the excessive desire for material possessions and wealth.

What is the main theme of the pearl?

The Pearl is a parable that demonstrates the evils of greed and ambition. Kino, Juana, and Coyotito are a happy, but poor family until the discovery of the pearl throws them into the sudden possibility of wealth.

What are the major themes in the pearl?


  • Greed as a Destructive Force. As Kino seeks to gain wealth and status through the pearl, he transforms from a happy, contented father to a savage criminal, demonstrating the way ambition and greed destroy innocence.
  • The Roles of Fate and Agency in Shaping Human Life.
  • Colonial Society’s Oppression of Native Cultures.

How did Kino become greedy?

How is poverty shown in the pearl?

Poverty is identity in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, and the main character Kino, a poor fisherman, manifests a transformation in his identity upon discovering a magnificent pearl, one which he believes, initially, can transform him from a poor and powerless man to a rich and self-sufficient one, beholden to no one.

What can greed lead to?

Far too often, greed comes with stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and despair. In addition, it can lead to maladaptive behaviour patterns such as gambling, hoarding, trickery and even theft. In the corporate world, as John Grant wrote, “fraud is the daughter of greed.”

What is being said about greed in the necklace?

Mathilde’s greed drives her to pick the most expensive-looking necklace out of Mme. Forestier’s jewel box, and the huge debt she and her husband take on to replace the lost necklace can be seen as a natural consequence of her greediness.

What is the main idea of the Pearl by John Steinbeck?

The Pearl by John Steinbeck appears to be a story about a man and his quest to save his son and create financial stability for his family. However, the real plot behind The Pearl tells the story of a man how the sudden experience of wealth corrupts his soul and causes him to turn on those he loves.

What are examples of immoral actions brought on by greed?

Another example of immoral actions brought on by greed is the reaction of the pearl buyers in the nearby town upon learning that Kino is selling his pearl. They make a living by convincing people to sell them their pearls for meager amounts and then reselling them for much higher prices, which they plan on doing to Kino as well.

What is the plot of the pearl diver?

It is the story of a poor pearl diver, Kino, and his family, living in La Paz in the 1940’s. They live in poverty and long for a better life for their son, but they have learned to make the best of their situation.