How does owl connect to computer?

Owl set up Plug in the USB cable and power cord on the base of the Owl. Plug the USB cable into your laptop or desktop computer. Plug the Owl into an outlet. You will see the Owl’s eye illuminate and pulse.

Can you link two meeting owls?

With Owl Connect, users can connect 2 Meeting Owl Pros to extend the range of the Meeting Owl Pro by 8 feet (2.5m) in any direction.

Can I use owl with Zoom?

Plug your Owl’s USB cable into the base of the Owl, and into your computer. Plug in your Owl’s power adapter and wait until Owl’s eyes stop pulsing and you hear a hoot. Open Zoom and select Schedule, Join or Start with video, or follow your Zoom invite link to join a meeting.

Does owl connect to Zoom?

How do I pair my Bluetooth owl?

Download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and register your Owl to unlock, activate the warranty, and adjust the Owl settings. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device to allow the mobile app to connect to the nearby Owl. Select the Meeting Owl from the list to begin the registration process.

Can you use owl with zoom?

Does Meeting Owl work with Zoom?

Meeting Owl Pro is a 360° camera, mic, and speaker system, specifically designed for creating a more immersive teleconference experience. It works with Zoom, Sky ype, Google Meet, and other video conference platforms.

Is Owl compatible with Microsoft teams?

The Meeting Owl Pro works perfectly with popular web-based conferencing systems like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business.

Can I use the Meeting Owl wirelessly?

Download or open the Meeting Owl app. Select your Owl from the Nearby list. This may be labeled “Meeting Owl” followed by an 8-digit software serial number, or the name you previously gave your Owl. Under Wi-Fi, if it reads Not Connected, tap that line to connect.

Does owl work with Google Meet?

After setting up your Meeting Owl, start your first meeting in Google Meet. Plug your USB cable into the Owl, and then into the computer. Plug in your Owl’s power adapter and wait until Owl’s eyes stop pulsing. Open Meet and join a meeting.