How does a digital water flow meter work?

They are based on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, according to which liquid generates voltage when it flows through a magnetic field. The more rapid the fluid flow, the more the voltage generated.

What is the difference between flow meter and flow transmitter?

The flow meters’ are designed to measure the flow rate. On the other hand, the flow transmitters not only measure the flow rate but also help in controlling and monitoring it. The flow meters are standard mechanical systems like orifices, venturimeters, etc.

How many types of flow meter are there?

Each type goes about measuring the flow rate of a fluid in a different way. We’re going to look at five main types of flowmeters you can find on the market today, including differential pressure flowmeters, velocity flowmeters, positive displacement flowmeters, mass flowmeters and open-channel flowmeters.

What is the difference between ultrasonic and magnetic flow meter?

Both magmeters and ultrasonic meters provide highly accurate flow readings for water and wastewater applications. However, the magmeters provide a higher level of accuracy and more flexibility.

What type of flow meter should I use?

If higher viscosity working fluids are involved, the single-use flow through disposable ultrasonic sensors are the best fit. When selecting a flow meter consideration must be given to: Flow measurement type – momentum (velocity), volumetric or mass flow measurement.

How much does a GPM water flow meter cost?

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What types of flow meters do we offer?

From simple multi-jet residential water submeters to high-pressure industrial digital flow meters we offer meters in a range of materials, connection types, and sizes. Use the chart below to select the flow meter that best fits your application, then click the row to see more details.

What is a portable flowmeter used for?

Portable Flowmeters for Water with Solids. Also called Doppler flowmeters, these use ultrasonic waves to spot check flow rate throughout your system. They are for water containing particles 100 microns (similar to flour) or larger.

What are the temperature settings on the flow meter?

If you need help selecting a flow meter give us a call at 1-800-899-0553 and an expert will be glad help you. Max. Temp: 105°F Max. Pressure: 150 PSIG Max. Temp: 122°F