How do you use Thin Lizzy makeup?

To apply with a blending sponge dab the foundation over your face, dampen the sponge and blend in until you have the look you want. To apply with a blurring rush squeeze the foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the brush into it before blending over your face.

How do you apply Thin Lizzy primer?

Apply a thin layer of primer with a makeup sponge, foundation brush or your fingertips, blending in a circular motion. Leave for 5 minutes until it’s completely dry. With illuminating primer, add more where you want more glow, like the upper cheekbones. Apply your makeup.

How do you use Thin Lizzy Age Reverse under eye concealer?

To use, simply twist the collar of the applicator until the concealer is visible (first time use may require several turns). Apply by gently swiping or dabbing concealer to the under-eye area. Blend in an outward motion by gently tapping with your ring finger or Thin Lizzy® Blending Sponge.

Is Thin Lizzy a NZ company?

Thin Lizzy is a New Zealand owned and operated brand since 2005.

Is Thin Lizzy foundation water based?

No, it is water based. For oily or dry skin, we highly recommend the Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation as this foundation is water based – it is light and absorbs easily into the skin.

How do you use illuminating primer?

First things first, squeeze some onto your fingertips or squeeze it directly over your skin (either works). Then smooth it over clean, moisturized skin in circular motions.

Is Thin Lizzy good for older skin?

It’s not great for dry or mature skin either, due to the powdery finish. Got normal skin? You can wear it. To colour match your foundation, test three shades that look closest to your skin colour.

Does Thin Lizzy clog pores?

A true mineral cosmetic made from a handful of clean, pure ingredients and nothing nasty to clog your pores. Contains Zinc Oxide, a natural anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin.