How do you use color Bombz?

  1. Shake can of Beyond The Zone Color Bombz Temporary Hair Color well. Hold at least 12″ from hair. Apply temporary hair color spray to dry, styled hair. Protect or cover clothing from over spray.
  2. For best results, use Beyond The Zone Frozen Stiff Aerosol Hair Spray to temporarily set your color.

What is high beam spray?

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-On Color is a salon-quality, highly concentrated formula which can be used to cover grey roots or add pizzazz to any hair design. In addition, it’s the perfect tool for adding subtle color highlights or for making a bold statement.

How long does spray on hair color last?

Think of it like your favorite shade of blush, you put it on in the morning, wash it off at night, and can switch it up anytime you like – same with Poser Paste! I’M BORED is a semi-temporary hair serum which means that once it is blow dried into damp hair, the color will remain for 2-6 washes!

Is spray on hair color safe?

“The hairsprays can damage your hair and too much will break it off, especially when trying to get the hairspray out,” explains Theadora Guzman, Maria Nila’s National Educator and Brand Manager. “These are products you typically have to overuse in order to see the effects of the color pigments.

Does temporary hair color spray damage your hair?

“Temporary hair color is a whole different ballgame,” says Diaz. “There is no possibility for damage.” Just make sure you switch to a color-safe shampoo to preserve any temporary color. There’s a catch, though: If you have ultra-light, natural hair, even temporary color might wind up being more permanent.

Does spray on hair color wash out easily?

Unlike other types of hair color, temporary sprays don’t actually change the color of your strands, they just coat the outside of the hair shaft in a dye that usually fades in a few shampoos or less.

Does hair color spray damage hair?

Will colored hair spray wash out?