How do you treat medial patellar retinaculum?

Treatments should facilitate the resolution of joint swelling using rest, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), and icing. Physical therapy is often helpful in the recovering from MPFL injuries. PT exercises will help strengthen the weakened knee, and aid in the patient’s functional return.

What is medial patellar retinaculum?

The medial patellar retinaculum is a strand of connective tissue, reinforcement of the joint capsule, detached from the regional fascia between the tendon of the quadriceps muscle, the medial border of the patella, the medial femoral condyle and the trochlea of tibia (and tibial tuberosity in horses and cattle).

Does a torn medial patellofemoral tendon require surgery?

Depending on the severity of an MPFL injury, treatment may involve surgery. Physical therapists design treatment programs for people with MPFL injuries to help restore knee strength and function. If surgery is required, physical therapy will follow to ensure a safe return to activity.

How long does it take for MPFL to heal without surgery?

For a first time dislocation, without loose bodies, non-surgical treatment with rehabilitation is recommended. Bracing the joint will allow the swelling to decrease and may help to stabilize the patella. Physical therapy is prescribed, and a full recovery can be expected within an 8-12 week period.

Is retinaculum a ligament or tendon?

A retinaculum (plural retinacula) is a band of thickened deep fascia around tendons that holds them in place. It is not part of any muscle. Its function is mostly to stabilize a tendon. The term retinaculum is New Latin, derived from the Latin verb retinere (to retain).

Can a torn MPFL heal itself?

Left untreated, an injured MPFL can heal on its own. However, when left alone, the ligament heals in a loosened, lengthened position. This causes instability that makes it easier for the patella to become dislocated again in the future.

How long does it take for a torn MPFL to heal?

Physical therapy is prescribed, and a full recovery can be expected within an 8-12 week period.

What is medial subluxation?

Abstract. Medial patellar subluxation is a poorly recognized clinical condition characterized by chronic anterior knee pain that is exacerbated with knee flexion. Additional symptoms include instability, limited knee motion, and pain with squatting and stair climbing.

How long does a patellar subluxation take to heal?

Physical therapy is very important to restrengthen the muscles while limiting the range of motion until the joint is restabilized. It takes about six weeks to three months to fully recover from a dislocated patella.

How long does an MPFL tear take to heal?