How do you toggle Lorti UI?

Open the addon directory (AddOns/Lorti UI), open the file called config. lua with notepad. To turn on/off macros names you need to find the table called ‘cfg. macroname’ and change the ‘show’ row to true/false respectively.

How do I reset my interface in WoW?

In the Blizzard desktop application, click Options and select Show in Explorer (Windows®) or Reveal in Finder (Mac®). Open the World of Warcraft® folder. Rename the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld. Re-launch World of Warcraft so the changes can take effect.

How do I install WoW interface?

To manually install your mods:

  1. Download your chosen addon.
  2. Extract the files to a folder on your desktop.
  3. Open your WoW folder.
  4. In the WoW folder, create a new folder called Interface (if it doesn’t already exist)
  5. Open that folder, create another one inside it, called AddOns (again, if it doesn’t already exist)

How do I install Santa UI?

To install it, unzip the folders in your “World of Warcraft/Interface” folder. NOT “World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns” where you install addons! If you wish to un-install it, simply remove the folders and WoW will load with the default textures again. Appears to be working with Classic.

How do I manually install WoW addons?

To do so, simply click on “Get More Addons.” From there, you can use the search box to find a specific addon or browse through popular or new addons. Once you find the one you want, you can click on it and then select “Install.” Congratulations, you have now installed an addon!

What is Tuk UI?

Tukui is a community revolving around sharing, coding and gaming. A valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their World of Warcraft user interface, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.