How do you pronounce Thames River?

“Thames” is pronounced as “temz” to rhyme with “shemz”, unless you mean the one in Connecticut, which is pronounced “Thames”. “River” in both instances is just “river”.”Thames” is pronounced as “temz” in England, Canada and new Zealand.

Do you have to pay to sail the Thames?

You can sail on the River Thames, without cost, once you have registered it.

How many bodies are found in the Thames each year?

People are drawn to the river as a means to an end. I have found two souls that were claimed by its fast-running water and every year the river police recover around 35 bodies, 90 per cent of which are attributed to suicide.

Can anyone use a boat on the Thames?

All boats kept or used on the river must be registered. If you have a boat and you keep it afloat and/or use it on the River Thames, you need to register it, even if you do not use it.

What do you wear on a Thames boat trip?

Dinner Cruise is smart formal. Both ladies and gentlemen are asked to dress in a manner appropriate to a smart formal occasion. Sports shoes and leisure wear are not permitted. Special Events – will be different so please contact a Thames Dinner Cruise reservations agent on: 0203 551 3942 for more information.

Can you swim in the Thames river?

Where Can You Swim? The PLA allows swimming to take place upriver of Putney Bridge through to Teddington. It is permitted in this area only but be reminded that it is still a busy section of the tidal Thames for leisure and recreational activities.

Do you need a license to boat on the Thames?

You do need a licence before you’re allowed to boat on any inland waterways in the UK, such as the Thames or the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. However, there is no need to pass a competency exam before you’re allowed to boat, as one does while learning to drive a car.

Are sharks in the Thames?

The Greater Thames Estuary is home to at least five different shark species, but very little is known about how exactly these sharks use the area.

Is it illegal to swim in the Thames?

The tidal Thames is a fast-flowing waterway and the busiest inland waterway in the UK accommodating over 20,000 ship movements and hosting over 400 events each year. It is for these reasons the PLA restricts swimming throughout the majority of its jurisdiction for the safety of swimmers and river users.