How do you increase performance in popscene?

Popscene Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for a Fast Track to Music Stardom

  1. Know Your Musician’s (And Others’) Skills.
  2. Focus On Writing And Production.
  3. Form A Band.
  4. Just Say Yes, When A Label Wants To Sign You.
  5. Just Say Yes, Part II – Don’t Haggle.
  6. Have A Revolving Door Cast Of Bandmates.

What does talent do in popscene?

– TALENT is their ability to perform artistic songs live.

How do you play Super City Mdickie?

Super City Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints Every Player Should Know

  1. Basic Controls Have Been Changed.
  2. Pay Up For Maximum Flexibility.
  3. Know Your Enemies.
  4. The Basics Of Becoming A Superhuman.
  5. Even Superhumans Need To Eat And Sleep.
  6. Always Be On The Attack In One-On-One Situations.

How do you get a girlfriend in school days?

Show an interest in her life.

  1. Ask her about her dance classes or any sports she plays. Girls love talking about their interests.
  2. Ask her about her pets. If she has a cat or a dog, she’ll love that you care.
  3. Ask her about her friends.
  4. Make sure that you have a balance.

How do you fly in super city?

As long as your character has the ability to do so as a Superhuman, you can fly in the game – this is explained in the game description, but just in case you missed it, you can simply double-tap and hold on the “R” button to fly as a Superhuman.

What does telepathy do in Super City?

Telepathy : Lets you know other characters secret identity (superhuman form’s name) what side they are on and who owns the place. Imitate appearance : Lets you copy somebody’s looks by pointing your arm to them by pressing S. Mouth flame : Shoots fire from your mouth that can damage properties and other characters.

Who does Itou end up with?

He can end up with Kotonoha, Sekai, Hikari, Otome, or Kotonoha and Sekai together. In one ending, he can have sex with various girls while regretting what his life has become.

How many people did Makoto sleep with?

The only girls Makoto became intimate with were: Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, Setsuna Kiyoura, Hikari Kuroda, Otome Katou, Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi and Kumi Mori. And out of all of those, it was really only Kotonoha and Sekai who were affectionate towards him.