How do you get to the Hydra in Poptropica?

The Hydra is located in its cave, which is an underwater area in the realm of Poseidon. To get there, you must swim through an underwater cavern. When battling the Hydra, each one of its heads will rear back and plunge down towards you. When that happens, jump and land on them.

How do you get Hercules to help you in Poptropica 2021?

Run back to main Street and go into the “Herc’s Hero Hut” Go right and talk to Hercules. He will be reluctant to help you but he finally caves in when you tell him about the teleportation mirror. Now take him to Poseidon’s Realm (the first one on the mirror.) He will open the block for you, and you can go in.

What is the Hydra in Poptropica?

The Hydra is a 5-headed reptilian/amphibious beast in Mythology Island. Its scale is one of the Five Sacred Items.

How do you get the gold ring of the Minotaur in Poptropica?

To get the ring you must conquer the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. After you get to a certain point, there will be a pillar blocking your way. To get past it you must play a game with fifteen bones. Click on the bones such that they spell “TEN.” Next you will find a portrait of the Minotaur with holes in it.

How do you get Cerberus to sleep on Poptropica?

Go to Euterpe, the muse with the reed pipe, and do what she says. She’ll then give you a memory test. If you pass, she’ll give you the musical score and tells you that you can use the music to put Cerberus to sleep.

How do you make Cerberus sleep on Poptropica?

How do you get the Minotaur key in Poptropica?

Take a carrot, then go down and left. You’ll see a skeleton who bounces you back upon contact. Climb up and push a rock, which will cause the skeleton to collapse, and the gate to the Skeleton Key will open. Go through the gate, collect the key, and you’ll come across the Minotaur.

How do you get Aphrodite’s mirror on Poptropica?

Return to the base of the tree and speak to Athena. She’ll let you know how you can receive her guidance — by tapping on the golden olives in the trees. Next, head right until you reach Midas’s Gym, and talk to Aphrodite to get the Touchscreen Mirror.

How do you tame a dog on Poptropica?

Go to the underworld and play the tune on your reed pipe in front of Cerberus. He will fall asleep and you can take the whisker from him.

What do you offer Hades on Poptropica?

The Underworld Remember those pomegranates from the tree earlier? Go to your items and click “Use” on them while in front of Hades’ temple to give them as an offering. That’ll unlock the door, and you can enter — dropping down to the depths of the underworld!

How do you get the Minotaur ring on Poptropica?