How do you get into a magnet school in Las Vegas?

Magnet schools are part of the Clark County School District public school system. Unlike the public schools where students are zoned by address, magnet schools require students to apply or enter a lottery for admission. The application deadline for all 2021-2022 school year applicants is January 5, 2021.

How do I register my child for school in Las Vegas?

Parents can complete registration at home or contact their child’s zoned school for school registration dates and hours. Parents who have children currently enrolled in a CCSD school use their Campus Parent account to re-register their children or add a student.

What does alternate pool mean?

Your student may receive an “alternate pool” or “waitlist” status. This means that your child may be able to receive a seat if one opens up in coming weeks. If the magnet school does not have a spot for your child this year, you may need to choose another school.

Are charter schools part of Clark County School District?

Currently, the Clark County School District (CCSD) sponsors six charter schools, with Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) sponsoring 48.

How do I enroll in Clark County school District?

Registration is done through the CCSD online registration system. Parents of currently enrolled students may complete online registration using their Infinite Campus account. New families to CCSD may register online at Student Enrollment Informationor visit their zoned school.

What does alternate pool mean in magnet schools?

ALTERNATE POOL. The alternate pool is comprised of students who were not selected during the lottery and have NOT accepted a seat to another magnet/CTA/select school. A-TECH usually fills all seats through the lottery.

Who funds charter schools in Nevada?

Funding. In Nevada, charter schools receive their funding from the state. Charter school financing differs from state to state, and even between districts within states. Charter schools in Nevada receive 100 percent of the per-pupil funding provided by the state.

What is a magnet class 12?

A magnet is a material or artificial setup that can produce a magnetic field around it. Due to the magnetic field, a magnet can attract ferromagnetic materials (e.g. iron filings) and attract or repel any other magnet. Magnets, suspended through a string, always point towards the north-south direction.