How do you get a band booking agent?

By far the best way to get a professional booking agent is for bands to book themselves until the point where they are selling out shows on a regular basis on their own. What does this mean exactly? To put it in numbers, regularly sell-out shows of 100-150 people at around $10 per ticket in your home market.

What is a booking agent in the music industry?

A Booking Agent is responsible for booking live performances including concerts, gigs, tours and radio and TV performances for artists, bands, DJs, choirs, orchestras and other musical ensembles. They are responsible for developing the musicians’ or artist’s career with regard to their live performance.

Who are the members of the Ace in the Hole Band?

George StraitLead Vocals
Gene EldersMike KennedyBobby JarzombekRichard Casanova
Ace in the Hole Band/Members

How do I find local bands online?

The 8 Best Websites to Find Band Members and Bands

  1. is a website where musicians from across the globe can find bands or band members.
  2. Hendrix.
  3. BandFinder.
  4. Reddit.
  5. Craigslist.
  6. Open Mic Listings Sites.
  7. Local Directories.
  8. Google Maps.

How much should you pay a booking agent?

How much does a booking agent cost? A booking agent will generally charge around 10% commission on your earnings from any given show. They may sometimes charge less or more, but it’s unusual for them to go higher than 15%.

What do booking agents get paid?

Agents work on a commission basis, varying between 10-15% of the artist’s booking fee. The 10% rate is common in scenarios where the agent does not ‘advance’ the show, nor routes and arranges hospitality and logistics.

How much is a booking agent?

Who is George Strait’s bass player?

In 1987, Mike Kennedy joined and played until his recent passing. He played the drums for 30 years before his unfortunate death due to car crash. Another person that played a vital role during the band’s earlier days is Terry Hale, the band’s bassist. Hale remained as Strait’s bassist even to this day.

How do I join a local band?

Section 1: Finding Musicians In ‘Real Life’

  1. Put up an ad or notice at your local music store. It works.
  2. Check your local rehearsal rooms.
  3. Take group music lessons.
  4. Go to open mic nights and jam sessions.
  5. Ask your guitar or music teacher.
  6. Get your oldest friends together.

How do I find auditions for my band?

  1. Advertise for band members locally.
  2. Contact recording studios and rehearsal spaces.
  3. Ask your friends.
  4. Run a print ad for band members.
  5. Post online.
  6. Join a musician finder site.
  7. Join forums.
  8. Use social media.