How do you fix stuttering on FIFA 14?

How to fix stuttering in game settings

  1. Lower screen resolution setting. The first game setting you should look at when trying to fix stuttering in games is screen resolution.
  2. Toggle VSync or FreeSync.
  3. Decrease anti-aliasing.
  4. Drop texture filtering.
  5. Reduce texture quality.

Does FIFA 14 require graphics card?

End of September beginning of October is the start of the footie season and with it we get the latest instalment of Fifa….Fifa 14 System Requirements.

Minimum Recommended
Graphics Card Radeon 9550 Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MB
OS Windows XP 32-bit Windows 7 32-bit

How do I make FIFA full screen on PC?

When playing at FIFA 15 demo or the full game, alt-tabbing the game results in windowed mode. To restore fullscreen, just click on the window to make it active, then alt+enter. The game will flicker for a second, then fullscreen will be restored.

Why is FIFA 14 so laggy on PC?

Lags comes in your FIFA 14 maybe because of low specs of your computer. These two are minimum requirement to play FIFA. You can also change your current graphics setting to LOW. Try lowering the frame rate and you could also reduce the image ratio ……. Fifa 14 has pretty low specs and should run smoothly with 2 GB RAM

How to fix FIFA 14 crashes on PC?

Make sure you install DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 as well as Microsoft .NET Framework from the dotnet installer folder. Make sure your Origin application is also up to date and the start-up service of Origin is not set to Disabled but on Manual or Automatic. FIFA ’14 for PC crashes.

Why can’t I connect to origin in FIFA 14 mobile?

If you can’t connect to Origin in FIFA 14 mobile try re-booting your phone first, or switching to Airplane mode and turning it off before starting the game to see if this resolves the issue. Another fix for those who can’t connect to Origin is to add Google’s DNS server to your WIFI settings, completely restart FIFA 14 and try again:

How much RAM does FIFA 14 need?

Fifa 14 has pretty low specs and should run smoothly with 2 GB RAM If you have important photos (or videos), you need to see this! This smart USB helps backup all your old photos in seconds (with just 1 click) and works on all devices! Is FIFA 14 better than FIFA 15? Why? Depends how you like to play FIFA.