How do you do smart quotes in InDesign?

If you’re using InDesign, your default is smart. Typographer’s quotes (otherwise known as smart quotes or curly quotes) are a default preference in Adobe InDesign. To find your preferences in InDesign, go to Preferences > Type. If they are turned off, go to Type > Insert Special Character > Quotation Marks.

How do you make quotes in InDesign?

How to Add a Pull Quote to a Layout in Adobe InDesign

  1. Create a text frame with the Type Tool , then enter and format the text for the quote.
  2. Switch to the Selection Tool .
  3. In the Text Wrap panel, click the Wrap Around Bounding Box button and set the desired offset.

How do you convert to smart quotes?

Updating to Smart Quotes

  1. Display the Word Options dialog box.
  2. Make sure that Proofing is selected at the left side of the dialog box.
  3. Click the AutoCorrect Options button.
  4. Make sure the AutoFormat As You Type tab is displayed.
  5. Make sure that the “Straight Quotes” with “Smart Quotes” check box is selected.
  6. Click OK.

How do I make large quotes in InDesign?

To place the “big” quotation mark, select your text too, and drag on the page to create a text frame. Make sure Zapf Dingbats has been selected, click on the Glyphs to open the dialog box, and double click on the double left quotation mark.

What font has curly quotes?

Times New Roman
In a serif typeface such as Times New Roman, curly quotation marks (also known as “curved” or “smart” quotation marks) look like small figures six and nine with the enclosed portions filled in.

How do you make all curly quotes?

You can simply insert the ALT code to insert the curly quotations. Long press the ALT key and then type the number. Using this code guide, you can easily insert the desired smart quotations.

What are Typographer’s quotes?

Typographer’s Quotes (also known as Smart Quotes or Curly Quotes) is the use of stylish (curly, angled, rounded) open and close, primary and alternative quotation marks instead of the straight quotes found on a keyboard.

What are straight quotes?

Straight quotes are what they sound like — straight, vertical marks without any indication of which word or phrase it’s surrounding. When you look at most keyboards, you’ll see straight quotes instead of curly quotes.