How do you delist ASX?

Delisting from ASX requires an approval from security holders by special resolution (i.e. ≥75% of votes cast), unless the entity’s quoted securities are readily able to be traded on another exchange. The timeframes for automatic removal from ASX have also been updated.

What happens when a company is removed from the ASX?

When a stock is delisted as part of a merger or due to the company being taken private, you have limited time to sell your shares before they are converted into cash or exchanged for the acquiring company’s stock at a predetermined conversion rate.

What happens to my shares when company delisted?

When a company delists from a major exchange, shareholders still legally own their shares, even if they’re often considered worthless in value. Generally speaking, delisting is regarded as a precursor to the act of declaring bankruptcy. More often than not, the shares will continue to trade in one of the above markets.

What will happen to my shares if the company is delisted?

If a company is delisted, you are still a shareholder, to the extent of a number of shares held. And yet, you cannot sell those shares on any exchange. However, you can sell it on the over-the-counter market. This means you can look for a buyer outside the stock exchange.

What is the process of delisting?

Delisting is a term describing the process of a company becoming removed from the exchange it trades on. A company’s stock may be delisted as the result of failing to meet the exchange’s laundry list of requirements.

How do I get my money back from a delisted stock?

Promoter or acquirer will buy back the shares through a reverse book building process. Promoters are required to make a public announcement of buyback by sending out a letter of offer to eligible shareholders and a bidding form. In this case, you, as an eligible shareholder can exit by tendering your shares.

Can I sell a delisted stock?

Is a delisted stock worthless?

When a security gets delisted, it ceases to trade on a major exchange. That said, technically, the holding of an investor is intact, and he can still trade in the security, provided there are willing buyers. However, in reality, the ownership right to the security becomes worthless.

Should I sell my delisted stock?

Though delisting does not affect your ownership, shares may not hold any value post-delisting. Thus, if any of the stocks that you own get delisted, it is better to sell your shares. You can either exit the market or sell it to the company when it announces buyback.